Firefox for Android out of Beta, promises to upgrade your Android browsing experience

Firefox for Android out of Beta, promises to upgrade your Android browsing experience

The folks over at Mozilla have been tinkering with Firefox for Android for some time now. Old versions always seemed to be very “beta” in the way they handled, with slowdowns being a norm and unhappy testers being the same. However, with the new version, we can see some massive improvements, shown here in a comparison video:


Along with an overview here:


So be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. You can find Firefox in the Play Store by hitting up this link.

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  1. raqua
    June 26, 12:22 Reply

    Call me when FX will be able to do such a basic thing like reformatting the text after zooming the page.

  2. carlash
    June 26, 15:55 Reply

    What’s the deal? Play store says, “This app is incompatible with your Iconia.” I have Acer Iconia A100.

  3. Martin
    June 27, 07:28 Reply

    shite! Not compatible with HTC Desire?? Its a browser FFS, not a HD game

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