Vizio announces new Co-Star Google TV box at $99 with OnLive gaming support

Earlier today, we told you about the revamp of the Google TV home page, complete with new landing page and “How It Works” instructions. We also mentioned a new Google TV device directly from Sony – the NSZ-GS7 – which has our attention for sure. Now, however, we’ve got a new player in the ever-increasing GTV game: Vizio. Known for their affordable HD televisions, the company has now announced the new Co-Star. The Co-Star will be available in July, and will sell for $99. Here’s another thing, though: the new box will have OnLive streaming game service. Why is this worth noting, aside from the fact that it exists in the first place? $99 is the exact price tag of the OnLive MicroConsole, also sold by Vizio. Choosing between the two, which would you go for? We can answer that pretty easily.

The Co-Star includes:

  • 1080p video over HDMI
  • 802.11n wireless
  • USB port for storage and peripherals
  • Bluetooth remote has a QWERTY keyboard on its reverse side
  • OnLive
  • Support for the standard streaming video services including NetFlix, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube
  • Flash-enabled Google Chrome browser
  • DLNA

Also, thanks to the new ARM processor, the price actually undercuts the original Logitech Revue. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

via arstechnica

  • I think that this will actually gain more ground than any Google TV device so far. With the Roku costing same with a USB port it is being very competitive. I think the gaming aspect will be a winner.

  • And by Visio they mean Vizio

  • Huguleyite

    I hope to buy this. You get in on Google TV for half the Sony price? Are you kidding? This just saved Google TV. Thanks Vizio. You rock.

  • Brie

    Yikes! What to do with my WDTVLiveHub???????

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  • A-one

    I like anything Vizio. Their TVs are great and it’s an american owned company… one please.