March 5, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S3 to hit Sprint on July 1st, hopefully for real this time


Good news all around for potential Sprint Galaxy S3 owners today!

Earlier we had posted that 32GB Galaxy S3 units had started shipping out, and now it seems that we’ve got a definite date of store availability after a decent delay. Starting July 1st, you should be able to swagger on up to the Sprint store of your choice and plop down $199 to get the latest and greatest. Websales and Telesales will also be available, and these routes will actually be your only options for getting the 32GB option for $249. Apparently they got those inventory issues settled, much to quite a few people’s delight. If you’ve been rethinking your purchase of the Galaxy S3 (on Sprint or otherwise), feel free to check out our review of the device.

Are you still planning on handing Sprint your monies for the Samsung beast? Let us know in the comments!

Source Sprint Community


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  1. Guest

    Hey, that’s great! But since there are no LTE 4G cell towers on Sprint… it will be a 3G-only device for a VERY long time.

    Not sure why anyone would want a start-of-the-art phone… and then use 3G. The slowest 3G around… Sprint 3G. When the exact same device *IS* usable on Verizon’s 4G in 250 markets.

    Makes no sense.


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