March 3, 2015

Apple pays $2.6m bond to halt Samsung Galaxy 10.1 sales in the US


Apple has posted the $2.6m bond requested by the courts when they won an injunction against Samsung to halt Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in the US. What does this mean? It means the injunction has now officially started, and if Samsung doesn’t immediately sales, they could be sanctioned for contempt.

According to AppleInsider:

The $2.6 million bond posted by Apple is necessary to protect Samsung in the event that the Korean electronics maker appeals the injunction and succeeds. If the current injunction is found to have been improperly granted, Samsung could be awarded that money to compensate for any losses.

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  1. Kakrispy

    My family has 3gs phones. 2 ipod touches; a 2 nanos and 2 new ipods. This is starting to be just bs… no apple…you didnt make everything or come up with all of the designs. continue to make a great product and you dont have to worry about it.. just with damn lawsuits…its starting to make al gores inventing the Internet sound valid!!!!!…… yes it looks like your do my firestone and Goodyear tires on 2 separate cars…round..made with rubber both of them but one is a passenger car tire and the other is a suv tire….can you just get back to making great stuff..! Oh..that’s right.. designed in cupertino made in China…I am sure no one is stealing your design their!!!!

  2. Syrh Talbot

    Apple’s sales must be really hurt by the Galaxy’s existence, they’re willing to waste $2.6 million to prevent them from continuing.

  3. DonB

    I don’t get it. They sue the company who makes the screen for the product they say is being copied. Huh?

    The Samsung screen is, of course, what makes the new iPad what it is. Just watch the commercials. It’s all they talk about.


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