March 30, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note II to feature 5.5 Inch display, launching in September?


After the success of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung is now focused on their next Android monster, which is none other than the Galaxy Note II. We all are familiar with the fact that the Korean giant is cooking a device that’s going to be huge and probably going to knock our socks off, but is it really worth waiting for? GSM-Arena is spilling some beans about it, confirming that it will feature a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display.

(It’s a mock-up)

The display is slightly larger than the original Note, but the width is narrowed as compared to the predecessor. They are also reporting that the design is inspired by the Galaxy S III, just like Note was a “huge” version of the classy Galaxy S II. It was rumoured that the Note 2 will feature a flexible display, though there’s no confirmation on that.

Rumor was on the street that Samsung will launch it in October, but now it seems that they have changed their mind, as they are planning to launch it in September because Apple is coming up with the iPhone 5 in October, and Samsung doesn’t like to arrive late at the show.

Anyway, who’s looking forward to the Galaxy Note 2? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: GSM-Arena

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  1. Paul Meyer

    Definitely looking forward to this.  I very much want a large screen and a integrated stylus.  A Quad-core processor would be a bonus but not a deal breaker.

      • Niilin

         Darn Java in Dalvik that needs the quad-core… less battery, less pollution.. save the environment refactor Dalvik

  2. clarence Thomas

    Quad Core, LTe/HSPa+DC, 2GB Ram, Sd Card, 3600Mah Battery, Along WithTheRest Of WhatWe WoulD Expect I’mThere!

  3. Jed Dignazio

    I have been waiting for this!!!
    Please come to Sprint. F the GS3, I need the Note 2!

  4. Tcd

    I have the sgs3 and the note, I’ll get rid of those to acquire the Note II for sure

  5. casperi

    With this announcement T-Mobile coming out with the last year’s version really makes no sense. Let’s see If big T can keep from dropping the again scraps the 1st version and gives us this one. I would buy this in a heat beat.

  6. David

    Not quite sure how I feel about the Note 2 now after hearing they will narrow the width of the screen. I’d rather they just keep the same screen size the Note 1 has now if they are going to do that.

  7. BeachBlonde

    Oh please PLEASE Sprint bring us the Galaxy NOTE II – I’ve been waiting for over 18 months for this perfect (imho) combination device, but need the Unlimited Data Plan at Sprint. Do NOT like the sound of 0.5″ larger screen but more Narrow….the Original Galaxy Note is BEAUTIFUL – don’t mess with Perfection (just look what happened to the Galaxy 10.1 Tablet — the 2nd Generation is such a DOWNGRADE….ugh!….. and the original is still the same price – i.e.: Expensive!)


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