Matrix One 7″ tablet review

Matrix One 7″ tablet review


We recently had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the Matrix One tablet and documented our experience for your consideration. While it may not be the most glamorous or luxurious tablet on the market, at $149 some shortcomings can be quickly forgiven.We spoke with Vice President of North American Retail Distribution, Raymond Pelosi, who informed us that retailers should have an opportunity to get their hands on this unit within the next few weeks. We find this to be an interesting alternative to some of the “big boy” brands, at an economic price point. Will you consider this as an additional tablet in your household? Let us know your thoughts.

This was my first opportunity to use the Antec Advance screen-cleaning spray on a device other than the Galaxy SIII or Galaxy Tab, and my opinion stands : this stuff is great! Grab a bottle, if you get the chance.

(Please forgive the sub-par video quality. We began shooting on our Galaxy SIII and dropped it! We quickly switched over to a backup Creative Vado, which left the image a bit hazy.)

For device specs and company contact information, please see below:

Six months ago, this tablet would have stood a little higher in a crowd, however the Nexus 7 is only $50 more and is easily worth the money. We like to root for the little guys whenever possible, but it’s getting harder now that there are Tegra 3 devices with full Google Play support at a similar price range.  On the other hand, this one does have microSD, USB,  and HDMI output.

Which way would you go?

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  1. cooldoods
    August 03, 01:35 Reply

    came across this reading about the price drop. Thanks for the review, makes me want to get it for my mom so we can videochat. At $99 the 4GB version (but upgradeable with a microSD card) looks to be enough for casual use.

    • the old rang
      August 15, 01:06 Reply

      I bought one.

      I picked up the upgraded model ($129.)

      I understood, with a new device, etc, there might be rough edges (have been down that road many times).

      This had a few, and I advised the company (hopefully, it was polite enough. I really wanted to give feed back to help improve the product)

      The last straw was the microsd slot. It ejects (at random) your microsd card. After having lost a 32gb micro sd card, I tested it. It shot a microsd card 1 foot, straight up… that distance would increase with a lateral ejection. If you have ever looked for a microsd card, you may have found they bounce well in directions only (pick your diety) knows.

      It is starting its journey back, tomorrow

      • cooldoods
        August 15, 01:14 Reply

        wow, not satisfied with just unmounting your memory card huh?

        Could you share some of the minor quibbles you had with this device? Thanks

        • the old rang
          August 15, 01:41 Reply

          Some might not be good, and, for legal reasons, I am not mentioning… but…

          The worst was the screen being too dim. (sound was also too soft) The device came with it at brightest setting, which washed in a bright room.

          Some headphone could not trip the too soft speakers off when inserted. (I have spares, that all work in other devices. The one supplied by the company (on a very short wire- about 1/2 the lenght of the other ones I have.) worked. There seems to be a q.c. problem, in several phases of productions.

          On other devices, plugging in the unit will bring up a file manager to assist in moving files. This one did not do that. Other than putting the microsd card into a carrier, you could not make the simple transfer. (plug the card into the USB adapter, plug into computer, move files, unplu, remove, insert back into device..)

          They had no documentation… anywhere, on how to do things. I first found that out, trying to use the ‘Update’ hole, for which there was no explanation… and no faq file on site. What very limited documentation there was, I described as “nice, slick, small and worthless.”

  2. Biggin
    August 26, 03:35 Reply

    I would suggest if you are considering this tablet to save yourself the headache and just empty the contents of you wallet out the car window on the way to the store. I had no idea they still made electronic devices that function this poorly. I had an android phone that was unreliable but this tablet is absolute garbage.

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