Nexus Q gets torn down, some parts are in fact imported

Nexus Q gets torn down, some parts are in fact imported

The Nexus Q was announced by Google recently, and some people are still trying to figure out why they want one. Well, for you hardware-centric readers out there, iFixIt has released their tear down of the device to show you what’s inside. Google said that the Q is made in America, and some people are having a hard time believing that some parts are not in fact made in the USA.

The 16GB moviNAND Flash Memory module may have been made here in the US in Austin TX, but it also could have been made in South Korea. The ethernet and optical out? Could have only come from China. We also see:

  • NXP Semiconductors 44501 Near-Field Communications Controller (manufactured in Germany, China, UK, Netherlands, or Singapore)
  • TXC 8.00 MHz Crystal Quartz Oscillator (manufactured in Taoyuan, Taiwan or Zhejiang, China)

While not all parts were manufactured here in the states, Google has yet to respond, but we have the feeling it will be something along the lines of “It is assembled in the USA”, which would keep Google to the truth.

Be sure to hit the source link below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. hldc1
    July 05, 15:37 Reply

    To qualify as “Made in the USA”, a minimum of 70% of the parts must originate in the US, and the product must actually be assembled in the US. Not every single part, however, has to come from a US factory.

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