March 30, 2015

Amazon smartphone rumored for release in 2012


Rumors of an Android-based Amazon smartphone have begun picking up steam as Bloomberg is reporting new details for the handset.  According to their sources, Amazon has contracted Foxconn International to design the smartphone which could be released as soon as later this year.

In the meanwhile, Amazon is said to be going around securing patents in the event that companies like Apple decide to play dirty. As many of you know, the smartphone space is full of litigation and a player as big as Amazon is sure to attract some serious attention. It remains unclear as to which carrier would provide the service for an Amazon smartphone however FierceWireless surmises it could come from Sprint, AT&T, or Clearwire.

How much interest do you have in an Amazon smartphone?  Assuming it has the same app ecosystem as the Kindle Fire, would it be something you’d even consider? Does the carrier have any bearing in the matter?


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  1. Atomic Oxygen

    Would have to see it, read the reviews, and play with it firsthand to make a decision, but Amazon does not readily come to my mind when phone shopping. Likely to be more a curiosity for me than a purchase.

  2. Syrh Talbot

    I would stand behind Amazon 100% IF the phone ran Android, came with ICS and could handle JB, *and* was sold unlocked GSM and CDMA versions for ~$300-350. Anything else and it will just fall amongst the ranks and be surpassed in 6 months. Google is trying to encourage manufacturers to lower prices (by not taking a profit on the Nexus7) and introduce cheaper unlocked handsets (by lowering the price of the Nexus to $350). If Amazon took that leap too it would be a huge step forward and everyone would take notice.


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