March 29, 2015

Google says Galaxy Nexus shipping should continue next week after Samsung-Apple suit caused sales ban


Yesterday, we told you about The Galaxy Nexus and how Google / Samsung were working together to circumvent the ban that was won in a court case with Apple. Now, Google has told ABC that shipping should resume next week.

According to ABC news:

“Google confirmed to ABC News that the Galaxy Nexus had been pulled from its Google Play store as a result of the judge’s decision, but said it would begin selling the device again next week running the latest version of Android — Android 4.1, known as Jelly Bean. The updated version of Android would address the issues in dispute, Google said.”

Tim Cook of Apple was noted saying “We just don’t want people ripping us off”. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

via abc

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  1. rich_bown

    And yet it’s okay to rip off android features like pull down notifications, apple just show how behind they are resorting to these tactics

  2. Gerhard Peters

    does anyone know who holds the patent to the 4 wheels we are used to seeing on every day cars on the road. Google/Samsung takes Apple’s patent which is a rip off, Apple takes Google’s patents…is that a rip off too? Competition is better then endless law suites so let’s just all learn to get along. Oh but wait the lawyers would feel lonely if we all got along too well :-). I guess wine/lose for some and lose/win for others. Let’s hope that BMW will not sue Audi over the four wheels patent.

  3. hldc1

    I’m surprised Apple hasn’t already yet claimed to have invented search. They think they’ve invented every good idea. Bunch o’ tools.


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