Solarmonkey Adventurer review

Solarmonkey Adventurer review

It’s the weekend following the 4th of July and that part of the year where some of us like go camping.  The problem is, as a blogger, I need to stay connected to the website and email, but being away from power outlets presents a problem.  To deal with this issue, I have turned to a number of solar-powered battery chargers and power banks.  One such product that I’ve come to depend on is Powertraveller’s solarmonkey adventurer.

The solarmonkey adventurer is a thin two-panel solar charger with a 2500mAh internal battery.  When opened, it’s roughly about the size and thickness of two Kindle Fires or 7-inch tablets.  When not in use, the charger is housed in a zippered neoprene case where it can very easily be removed.  The solarmonkey adventurer also comes with a carabiner which can be attached so that you can hook to a backpack, tent, canopy or something else.

Typically, I would open mine up and set it next to the tent or on the cooler for a few hours and gather up enough juice for an Android smartphone.  Another practical use case would beopening up and setting on your car’s dash board or in a window sill.

Seeing as how most Android handsets do not use a battery in excess of 2500mAh, I did not have to wait for the solarmonkey adventurer to fully charge up.  Speaking of which, it takes around 11-12 hours to go from zero to 100 percent so keep that in mind if you get a late start on charging.  While it might only give you a fraction of a tablet’s needed charge, there’s enough here to give your standard smartphone more than once over.  One of the handier features is that you can charge your device and the solar unit at the same time, so feel free to put it on the picnic tablet while you eat lunch.

The solarmonkey adventurer comes with a variety of adapters and supports charging for pretty much any portable electronics device you might have.  Be it an Android (microUSB) handset, iPod, iPhone, e-reader, or handheld gaming console, chances are good you’ll be set.

If you’re concerned about extreme temperatures, rest easy knowing that the solarmonkey adventurer works in pretty much any condition and is rated for a range of -10 to 90 degrees Celsius.

The solarmonkey adventurer is available through for or through Amazon.  The last we checked, the online trailer was listing the device at $129.99.  If you find yourself out an about on a regular basis, this is one unit you’ll come to appreciate.

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  1. Brian
    July 10, 05:46 Reply

    Wow! Going by the review, if I’m that close to my car when I’m “camping”, why would I need this? I could just plug into the car.

  2. mterry
    November 03, 03:20 Reply

    Hows it hold up over time?
    Amazon’s customer review states that theirs failed in only three months.

  3. arnec99
    September 13, 10:36 Reply

    Trying to use an adventurer now travelling across France. Have found it worse than useless. Has actually been draining power out of my phone and doesn’t have the strength to charge it even after fully charging the unit from mains power.

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