Google releases Jelly Bean OTA to HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, promises other devices to come

Google releases Jelly Bean OTA to HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, promises other devices to come

Google never fails to do something last minute that makes users happy. Today is no exception, as they’ve just released the Jelly Bean OTA to the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. The update is said to be rolling out over the next few days, so we expect to see users getting that notification anytime now. This comes just  hours after Jelly Bean was released to AOSP.

Google also promised in their G+ post that they’re working on Jelly Bean for several other devices, including the Galaxy Nexii from Verizon and Sprint, Nexus S, and the Motorola Xoom. No exact dates were given, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that these devices will get some 4.1 love soon enough.

So, if you’re rocking an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus (and you’re still running stock firmware), keep an eye out for a notification in the next few days!

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  1. Tony
    July 10, 23:46 Reply

    I just installed the yakju firmware so I’m ready… ;)

  2. Mike Silva
    July 11, 09:03 Reply

    When checking for updates, there should be a ticket in waiting list to know when our device is likely to get the update, so we can get closer to a wifi hotspot when the time comes ;)

  3. onixblack
    July 11, 11:03 Reply

    You say that Google had a G+ post but you don’t link the actual post so that your audience can confirm. As a person waiting for Sprint to get their butts in gear for JB, for you to say that Google is working on getting JB on the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint and not provide evidence through an actual link just gets my hopes up.

  4. John Samuel αΩ
    July 11, 11:05 Reply

    G+ link does not go to G+, and the page it does go to only has a link to Google Groups. Link?

  5. Mardenator
    July 11, 12:50 Reply

    Sorry about the link problems, folks. Post has been updated with the correct link, should be working now. :)

  6. David Gray
    July 11, 12:53 Reply

    Anyone know when the yakjuxw GNex will get the update??? I really hope it’s not TOO much longer or I will be pissed. Anyone that has REALWORLD info please let me know.

  7. lj
    July 12, 06:16 Reply

    Google is better on firmware update that htc and samsung.

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