Motorola says Atrix HD to have encrypted bootloader, needed to ‘meet requirements’



You know, you would think that, at this point, Manufacturers would get the point about locking down their bootloaders. It makes devs mad, it makes high-end users mad, and it just seems to be an all around lose-lose situation. Motorola confirmed on their Twitter page that the newly announce Atrix HD would come with an encrypted / locked bootloader, so that it can “meet requirements”… whatever that means.

While Moto followed up saying that you can unlock via an official method, but that method may or may not be released in concurrence with the release of the device itself.

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  1. To be honest, it’s difficult for me to believe anything Moto says about bootloaders. Until I see (and can use) a tool that unlocks the bootloader on a range of their devices, it’s just their usual BS.

  2. This isn’t just Motorola’s fault. I can say with certainty that they are given requirements from the carrier (Verizon) that they must meet. If they don’t then the carrier won’t buy the phone. Since the vast majority of phones in the US are sold through the carriers, this would mean the death of the product. If Verizon allowed an unlocked bootloader, then you would have it – it’s a hell of a lot easier for Motorola if they don’t have to do it.

    • Actually, the Atrix HD is an AT&T phone, so it would have nothing to do with Verizon.. Moto promised a method to unlock the bootloader of my Droid X2 a year ago. Still waiting.

      Moto has not revealed what the “requirements” are, but HTC, Samsung and others have released unlocks for their Verizon phones. Not sure what the problem is, but clearly it’s not Verizon, it’s Motorola.

      Anyone who buys a Moto phone with a locked bootloader, just be aware you will deal with Moto’s bloatware and be saddled with a poor performing phone with no way out. I would strongly recommend anyone considering a Moto phone to look elsewhere. Which is a complete shame, because when you can unlock their phones and remove their awful software (see the original Droid), they are quite good.

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