Rovio launches Amazing Alex, available at Google Play for $0.99


Rovio is famous for creating one of the most amazing games of all time, Angry Birds. For the last 3 years, they have been launching several updated versions of it, including Angry Birds Seasons and (the best so far) Angry Birds Space. Now Rovio has decided to change the scene a little bit by introducing a new game known as Amazing Alex. It’s a physics-based puzzle game and it’s now available for download from the Google Play Store for $0.99. The game asks players to solve a series of static and moving objects that can be combined and rearranged to clear the level. It looks like a good game and there’s nothing wrong in giving it a try, so grab your phones, download it, play it and tell us if you think the new Rovio game good enough to be the next big mobile game.

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Source: Google Play


  1. After playing the Incredible Machine in the early PC days, and everything similar in between, I gave this a try. It is OK… nothing mind blowing. I played about 20 levels and got pretty bored with it.

  2. I too got pretty bored with this, but as I only played the free version I can’t really comment on later levels. I can imagine that it could get really good as the levels get way more complex.

    Also, it may just be an issue with the free version but I found it rather visually glitchy – almost every time I completed a level the portrait image of Alex would flicker into view towards either side of the screen briefly before it appears in the centre.