WSJ reports Amazon working on “Kindle Phone”, to release as early as late 2012


There have been rumors floating around for a bit now about Amazon working on a so-called “Kindle Phone”. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting the same thing, adding coals to the rumor fire. According to WSJ, the device is in fact real, and could be released as early as this year. Their sources say the display will be somewhere between 4-5 inches, and is in a testing phase. The full release / production is scheduled for late this year or early 2013.

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via wsj


  1. With the exception of music, I don’t see how the Amazon infrastructure would be very well suited for phone size. Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I don’t like watching movies or reading on something 4″ in size. 7″ is a minimum really, and even that’s pushing it for something like movie streaming.

  2. Not interested. If the Kindle Fire is anything to go off of, this will be a low budget device with limited functionality.