Samsung considering more Galaxy S III colors

Samsung considering more Galaxy S III colors

AT&T has already started taking pre-orders for their “exclusive” Garret Red GSIII, and now a “Korean Manufacturer” has hinted to Pocket-Lint that other color schemes are being considered. No word yet on exactly what colors Sammy has in mind, but there are only so many colors in the rainbow that would look good on a smartphone. White, Pebble Blue, and Garret Red are all fine and dandy, but what else could be done, that doesn’t look ridiculous?

All that’s known at the moment is what Pocket-Lint heard from a UK Samsung rep, who claimed,

We will be announcing potential colour variants in due course.

So, now we wait. But in the meantime, what colors could you see on the Galaxy S3? What colors do you hope Samsung stays away from? Sound off in the comments!

Source Pocket-Lint

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  1. Anthony Lavergne
    July 14, 07:04 Reply

    Yes… Black would be awesome… Or Maybe like a Dark Grey like the HTC One X

  2. Guest
    July 14, 09:38 Reply

    > White, Pebble Blue, and Garret Red are all fine and dandy, but what
    > else could be done, that doesn’t look ridiculous?

    Why would you think someone else’s favorite color would look “ridiculous” but your favorite color would look great???

    In order to avoid having to stock 100 different colors… Samsung could start with the basic 8 colors that you might find in a crayon box. All 8 would be fine.

  3. Ricardo Moura Rocha
    July 14, 15:14 Reply

    hmmmm…. I heard about an interesting color the other day… I can’t quite put my finger on it’s name…. I think it was block, klob, NO I know, BLACK!!!!

    Honestly, black, carbon, gun metal grey, darker color, less feminine colors would be AWESOME!!

  4. Royce
    July 14, 16:50 Reply

    An unpolished metallic black/Grey/silver would be nice.

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