Android powers over 51% of smartphones, continues growing

Android powers over 51% of smartphones, continues growing


Nielsen has published a report on U.S. smartphones and their operating system. Of course, Android is in the lead, running on 51.8% of all smartphones. iOS came in second with 34.8%, which is a 17.5% difference between the two. It’s interesting that Android and iOS combined make up for over 85% of the entire smartphone market, as RIM and “others” come in at a cool 14%

Android shows no signs of slowing down on this growth with the past 3 month’s 54.6% of people have purchased there smartphone with Android on it!

The chart above is also by Nielsen, showing the manufacturer share in each OS. Samsung is leading the Android parade with 17% of android running on their devices. HTC a close second with 14%. Motorola is at 11% and Other manufacturers amount to 9%.

As you can tell Android has grown a lot since it’s creation and it looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon. Are you surprised by this? Do you think that maybe one day most phones with be running Android?


Source GSMArena

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