Developer gives update, Carbon twitter app is coming for free in premium flavor

Developer gives update, Carbon twitter app is coming for free in premium flavor

If you don’t already know, the Google Play Store doesn’t allow ALL countries from around the world the ability to publish paid applications. Carbon was waiting for this year’s Google I/O to see if all that changed, which it didn’t. So they decided to… well, read it for yourself:

So, we finally decided to make it a free app. Yep, a premium free app. No Ads(we believe that Ads cripple the experience no matter how efficiently done, it’s just wrong on an app that users use all day long). Going free, doesn’t mean watering the app down, but a mean to get the app that we’ve been working on for a long time, designs that went through endless iterations and tweaking to be experienced out there by our eager friends who’ve been waiting for months.

Yep, so that means we will be getting a Free, but PREMIUM twitter client for Android! They are not putting ads in the app, nor watering it down (like they said). Simply just a Free, amazing Twitter client. The app has been in private testing for weeks now, so it should be bug free by the time we get it!

The app will be released on July 22nd.

I am so excited for this new release! How about you? Leave your questions or comments below.

Source Droid-Life

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  1. DeaVea
    July 17, 08:22 Reply

    I actually kind of think that sucks. I mean, “Yay! Free premium app.” but at the same time the developer got REALLY screwed over.

  2. James
    December 04, 14:47 Reply

    Goes to show what a shit company this is. Not only did they not follow through w/releasing their product, but if you mention how it’s been over 5 months w/out release they block you on Twitter.

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