January 27, 2015

HTC cancels ICS update for Desire HD, blames "poor device performance"

Android ICS

HTC may be stepping on a few toes with this one, but Telus Canada has just released a document, that shows the Desire HD ICS update has been cancelled. The only reason that’s given was that

HTC has cancelled the HTC Desire HD ICS upgrade due to poor device performance during testing.

Of course, we can’t say that this comes as a huge surprise, since the device is running a single-core 1GHz processor along with HTC’s infamously choppy Sense UI. It’s one thing to get Sense and ICS running on something like a Sensation 4G, but it appears that the Desire HD just couldn’t keep up with the devices of today.

So now that we know the Desire HD won’t be getting any 4.0 love, is anyone planning to upgrade? Who’s disappointed by this decision? Sound off in the comments!

Source AndroidSpin


  1. Caterpillar Caterpillar

    Damn, give us source codes, why we don’t care about your official updates!

    • atrax

      with Sense 4.0 non the less,that’s an important fact.
      ICS alone works very well, smooth and stable on DHD, but when it comes to Sense 4.0, the camera is the only problem.
      ROM with Sense is allot more to process.

  2. iiiikoolaidiiii

    The Desire HD runs ICS beautifully, installed it on a mates about 6 weeks ago, he’s loved it ever since. It’s running better than Gingerbread by far, much smoother and faster. Think HTC need to look at hiring some the Dev’s over at XDA.

  3. DJ EZ

    I lost my trust in HTC.
    That’s also my last phone from them.
    The DHD has almost the same hardware as the One V, it even has 768 MB of RAM compared to the One V’s 512 MB.
    I am running an ICS custom ROM – It runs like a charm.
    I am sick of the poor excuses, they’ve already updated other phones with the same processor, GPU etc. like the Incredible S.
    Don’t tell us fairytales, HTC.
    We are not stupid.

  4. HTC is a JOKE

    Awesome, now I’m even much happier than before, I’ve had HTC Desire Z but changed to Samsung Galaxy S2, and it’s awesome! Desire Z was my last HTC phone. Shame HTC, you’re permanently removed from my list. Buy One X retards, cry you won’t get update in next year.

  5. atrax

    Don’t worry guys, the devs will make sure we get Sense 4.0 on our DHD, just wait till some of the DHD similar devices get the update. Let’s face it, other than a working camera, Sense 4.0 with Andorid 4.0 is already fully ported to DHD, with everything else. They just need that camera drivers.

  6. dhd user

    As a sort of news feeder androidguys should have noticed that Telus case is coming from Telus, not from HTC.
    Maybe Telus is heavily lacking the skills needed to carry out ICS testing tasks or something and I feel sorry for their dhd users…