Sprint officially launches 4G LTE network in select markets

Sprint users, it’s time to rejoice! I’d be dancing in the streets if I didn’t mind getting stared at / hit by cars / arrested for indecent exposure (wait, what?), because Sprint has finally rolled out their 4G LTE network.

The rollout has happened in Kansas City, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston (Whoop whoop!), and Atlanta. Many Sprint users have been reporting LTE off and on for the past couple days, but now the LTE lights are officially on.

If you’re a Sprint user in any of these markets and have an LTE device such as the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III, or HTC EVO 4G LTE, be sure to let us know how your data is below!

  • anthony

    I live in Atlanta and looking at sprint’s data map online something is off. Ive still had the same crappy 3g thus far and on the data map I “should” be getting my 4g in midtown and downtown where I live and work

  • solo

    I live and work in the Atlanta Metro area and have yet to see even an inclinkg of a sign of 4G on my new EVO 4G LTE device…. very dissapointing !!!!

  • I live in Atlanta and there is NO LTE whatsoever. I wish these online publications would check their facts before reporting that LTE has launched because every forum Ive seen, has disgruntled customers like me saying the LTE is no where to be found. Live in Central Atlanta, Work in Chamblee – no coverage anywhere!!

  • Raymond Johnson

    I live in Houston and havent seen my galaxy S3 connect to 4g not once…I’ve been driving all over town and expected to see it connect. I’ve updated profile….prl and still nothing!