Sony announces new Walkman running Android


The word “Walkman” brings back a lot of memories for some of us. Now, Sony is looking to upgrade your nostalgia. They have announced the new F800 series Walkman, and it comes complete with Android as the base. According to sony, it will be “an extreme on-the-go entertainment experience”.

There are three different versions of the device, ranging from 8GB to 32GB, with a 16GB model in-between. It has a 3.5″ LCD display, and plays, well, media… 20 hours audio and 4.5 hours video playback, as well as Google Play access. While we wait on pricing, be sure to let us know your thoughts below.

via sony


  1. If it is like the prior generations of Walkmans, (MP3 player ones, not the originals which were the sh*t) then the sound quality and battery life should be spectacular. Hopefully they have rectified the playlist on the go issue and I am set to upgrade. Also now perhaps Sony will make some Android based speakers instead of iPod ones.

  2. Let me check my phone (which offers all the same multimedia functionality plus it is a phone) to see if the today is April 1st…

  3. I agree with Haggie. My phone does all that and then some plus it has a bigger screen and is expandable. Why in the world should we be buying this????

    My 120GB Zune died a couple months ago and I find that I don’t miss it in the least. BTW
    I’m still waiting for the new and improved 8-track and Betamax players to come out. 😉