December 21, 2014

Win $275 in RadioShack goodies from AndroidGuys!


Heads up!  We’re in the middle of summer and that all-important time where people tend to dive into pools with phones, leave them on the tops of cars, drop them, or worse.  Chances are good that someone you know (maybe you!) is going to do something to a smartphone that leaves it looking or acting worse than it was on day one.  Fortunately, RadioShack has a number of options to help “your friend” protect that investment.

Glass Break Kits: RadioShack now carries Werx Android (and iPhone, iPad) touch screen replacement kits which let customers send back their cracked device to Werx with a prepaid FedEx box.  Once received, you’ll get your device back within 72 hours and with a limited lifetime screen replacement warranty as well.  Should something go wrong with the display after its replaced, Werx will replace it for free.  Android and iPhone kits are only $99 with iPad kits running $199 each.  Considering this is cheaper and quicker than going through an insurance claim, we’re a fan of RadioShack’s offering.


As of right now, there are nearly 20 Android models supported with Screen Break Kits, including those from Motorola, LG, and HTC.

HTC: Desire, Thunderbolt, Inspire 4G, Aria, myTouch-4G/Slide, EVO/3D/Design 4G, Freestyle, Incredible 2, Vivid

Motorola: Atrix 4G, Droid/2/3/X/Bionic, Photon 4G

LG: Vu, Ally, Thrill

Win 1 of 5 free goodies!

To help bring some awareness to RadioShack’s Android Screen Break Kits, we’ve got some great giveaways for you guys and gals.  Of course, one of those prizes is one of the Werx kits valued at $99.  We’ve also got a set of Plantronics BackBeat GO  Bluetooth Earbuds valued at $99, and three sets of AUVIO Element Earbuds with Mic worth $24.99 each.

How do you enter?

Like many of the contests we run around here, we’re merely asking for you to leave a comment in this post.  We’ll be running  this contest for 72 hours (ending Sunday July 22, 12:00PM EST) and will choose five random winners and notify them via email.  We hate to put a limit on who can enter, but we’ve got to keep this one confined to those who live in the United States.

Good luck and have fun!

  • Rafael Benitez

    I want it.. :-)

  • Travis Michael Carr

    Would be so awesome!

  • Jordan Hotmann

    I’ll participate.

  • James Geevarghese

    Great giveaway!

  • Seán Prunka

    Heh, my phone’s not covered, and my wife’s isn’t covered, but the phone the kids share is!!! So, I’m in for one (just in case.) ((Though I like the Bluetooth earbuds idea better.)) (Is my Disqus account even tied to an email? I can’t figure that out, or how to change it. Crap. Just in case, my email is first initial last name AT the free g[oogle]mail service

  • Joshua Grove

    Wait… What!!!! I am number one… Now way! This would have saved me a ton of time about 4 months ago!

    • Seán Prunka

      no you’re not.

      • Joshua Grove

        I gave it a shot….. Now I look like an idiot.


    Would be great to win something hopefully.

  • Michael Jansen

    That definitely sounds like a useful service, doesn’t support my phone yet though /: Hope I win something though!

  • A S

    Sounds like a great service. Wish they had this for Samsung phones also.

  • Chris Downey

    This would be a nice little gift!

  • RevWillie

    they can fix tmobile phones (mytouch) but they won’t sell tmobile phones?

  • Greg Hudson

    Sounds like a interesting idea.

  • Roderick Cross

    I have Samsung phones so maybe they can add my xoom.

  • Justin Hinkofer

    I JUST broke the screen on my Vibrant 3 days ago. Been looking for a cheap replacement screen. Shame this service doesn’t work with Samsung.

  • Mick Argo

    No Droid Razr? Hopefully sooner or later they will. And hopefully before I need it!

  • Tony Willis

    i could use some earbudes

  • KevinToledo

    Man, my droid 2 has had a cracked screen since January. Good thing I have a screen protector on to keep it together for now. *crosses fingers*

  • Andy_in_Indy

    Cool, my iPhone has a cracked screen! (JK – my daughter has dropped her Thunderbolt twice now and I told her I am not paying for another replacement)

  • Gabe Covert

    I refuse to leave a comment to enter this contest.

  • Scott Koehler

    Awesome – my son’s evo screen is cracked!

  • Scott Castillo

    I win

  • The360King

    Cool! My wife’s screen is cracked! Wait… Did that sound weird?

  • Dave Chlan

    This would be great! Thanks.

  • Charlie Price


  • Charlie Price


  • jrodgamer

    I could use one of these..anyone with a smartphone know how easy it is for the screen to break

  • RSFan

    It is amazing Radio Shack is still around, but hey, loved them as a kid, still use them for last minute parts now!

  • Kevin Castillo

    Androidguys are my Android Bible!!!!

  • Kevin Castillo

    Androidguys are my Android bible!!! U guys rock!!!

  • k

    Checking in for the win!

  • Benchmade7

    two great things together the shack and androidguys like peanut butter and chocolate.

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  • geeknik

    Awesome! Can’t wait to win this! =)

  • drdean

    Could use the Bluetooth ear buds

  • John Stiles

    Me wants

  • JohnStirman
  • chilehead

    Perfect timing because my Droid X screen is broken.

  • george jr buickus

    Android Guys always gets a read when their email shows up, even when not running a contest :)

  • steveb111

    Pick Me!

  • Patty Richardson

    Android Guys are great with or without the freebies!!!

  • Rich Hand

    Read your posts I must. Win I should. Regardless, read I will.

  • Mike Amend

    In it, to win it.

  • mike c

    Def need this to fix my sisters screen for her birthday but I’ll take anything I can get hah

  • Will Grafius

    Who has 2 thumbs and wants to win? This guy!

  • M. Nathan Wilkinson


  • BIGJER99

    Radio Shack pulls one out of thin air… nice work!

  • Keith Ketover

    Too bad Samsung isn’t supported. It’d still be great to win.

  • Kevin Castillo


  • shahin parsay


  • Eric

    Its about time that someone came up with this option. Thanks for the info.