February 1, 2015

Samsung reportedly set to deliver 4.1 for Galaxy S III as early as August


Samsung is fast at work with an Android 4.1 update for their Galaxy S III line and could deliver it as soon as August, according to unofficial Samsung blog, Sammobile.  It’s not as if we didn’t expect the hardware maker to deliver the update but it’s nice to have a time frame to look forward to.  Going back a generation, Samsung is also rumored to be putting together Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S II series.  Considering the sheer volume of those devices running around, we’d certainly hope that Samsung wants to them some love.

Without naming any other specific models, Sammobile’s  source also claims that other high end Samsung models (ex: Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 2.0, Galaxy Tab 7.7) will see Jelly Bean.  Again, not a stretch, but it’s reassuring nonetheless.


  1. Brandon Sutherland

    hallelujah! finally sounds like android will be rolling out updates way faster than before. it was only a matter of time really

  2. spazz

    Sammobile was unable to provide any real evidence to prove these comments were made by anyone having any ties to samsung. I hate to say it but they could just be starting a rumor. Don’t get hopes up until you see it posted by samsung

  3. Jerry

    No they wont , we waiting for official BADA 2.0 on GT-S8500 in South Africa, never happened. Their 10.1 same story , competitors got ICS months ago , we still have no idea when we are going to get and now JB is out. Samsung only promise but no delivery. Once you buy , you stuck with it.