T-Mobile’s Era42 may be a quad-core HTC One X+

T-Mobile’s Era42 may be a quad-core HTC One X+

New details hitting the internet this week suggest that the recently uncovered Era42 Android device may not end up as a G3 after all.  TmoNews is now reporting that T-Mobile customers may in fact receive a  NVIDIA Tegra 3-powered HTC One X+ in late September.  Details still remain unclear however it is suggested that we’ll be in for a quad-core and 4G LTE version of the big, bad HTC smartphone of 2012.  With about two months to go before the rumored launch, we expect more information to arrive in short order.

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  1. echo125488
    July 26, 12:03 Reply

    It won’t matter much to me unless it comes with a decent sized battery or at the very least a removable battery.

  2. casperi
    July 26, 13:09 Reply

    It still won’t matter causes the non educated will be signing up.for two year contracts for the year old Note coming in a few weeks. This leaving little more than scrapes to grab this killer phone. That is until Att shows off the Note2 about a month later after T-Mobile launched of the note.
    Then it’s pissed off angry customers at
    T-Mobile. I mean really you can see the train wreck coming and no one at T-Mobile has the balls to stop it.

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