March 28, 2015

HTC Rezound getting ICS tomorrow?


Well this is a sudden, yet delightful surprise. One of our ninjas has tipped us off about an update that Verizon is apparently rolling out tomorrow to the HTC Rezound. That’s right, the Rezound will be getting some Android 4.0 love in just 24 hours. No other details have been uncovered about the update, so at this point it’s really just a waiting game. If all goes well, Rezound users should be getting a notification in the next few days.

So, who’s excited to finally be getting some Ice Cream Sandwich? Is anyone entirely surprised by this news? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Jay

    I don’t understand why someone would mess with Rezound users emotions right now. This leak is clearly fake. Whoever made this need to learn how to spell Queue.

  2. Russel

    How stupid can people be if they cant even spell Queue. Seriously stupid and fake…

  3. rezound rocks

    I’m not exited till it hits my phone. So tired of the rumors and delays. This looks like a fake anyway.

  4. djkoz78

    Look every single Android News Blog is reporting that this LEAKED document is for real. Except for and it was received from an anonymous source and if you look closely it says you can pull it 6/1 not 8/1 and they misspelled queue. This is a Photoshopped document of the leaked document that 3 days ago Droid-life released. Someone just took that document and Photoshopped it. Please everyone stop saying this is gospel.

  5. Alvie Garcia

    I’ll believe any of this crap until ot hits my phone…Verizon and every other stupid source said it was going to be available sometime in March…how about you stop posting rumors and start with facts

    • seeteedub

      “Never got no ICS” ugh…stay in school Nicole.
      Anyway…no..that info graphic is bogus.

  6. Mark Hudson

    Just spent 30 minutes on the phone with VZW, about an unrelated issue, and have a refurbished Rezound on its way. They would not say anything to me about ICS, but repeatedly insisted that ICS has been slowly rolled out the last 2 months. The female rep who I spoke to originally said that her son loves ICS, but then admitted to me that her son is using a Razr. Oh well, looking like a November update is eminent?


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