POLL: Is the T-Mobile Galaxy Note for You?


As you’ve heard by now, the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy Note is coming in a little over a week’s time.  Priced at $200-$250 with a two-year agreement, the phone and tablet hybrid is being loosed on the Magenta network on August 8.  Now that it’s no longer tied to AT&T, we wondered if it’s the phone for you?  Hit the poll below to let us know if this is your next Android.


  1. I’m not going to extend my contract. I’ll give T-mobile until the end of next year, but if they don’t dramatically improve coverage in my area, I’ll be moving to AT&T, who now blankets my area with 4G. I can barely get a GPRS or EDGE signal on T-mobile, with plenty of dead zones. At which point they’ll have the Note 2 or some newer phablet.

  2. I would love a bigger screen. I use headphones when I am not home, so putting the thing to my ear and looking silly won’t be much of an issue. However, at least with T-Mobile, all I get it promises that there will be a reliable update path, and of course nothing afterwards. While I love the idea – I would be probably making my next phone a Nexus line of phones.

  3. I actually went with the HTC One S, but I was considering both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note. The father’s day specials tipped the decision to the HTC One S, although I still wonder whether the S3 would have been better.

    But when I compare the specs on the S3 vs. the Note, I see almost nothing that favors the Note other than having a bit in holder for the S-Pen. The S3 has more DRAM, the same screen resolution and it supports tethering.

  4. I have an AT&T Galaxy Note as my work phone and while I’m happy with it it’s just a tad bigger than ideal (and I’m a big guy). IMO the Galaxy SIII is pretty close to perfect sized and totally what I’d go for now.