Samsung may be poised to produce 350 ppi OLED displays

Samsung may be poised to produce 350 ppi OLED displays

If you’ve got an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen, then you may be aware of one of the drawbacks: OLED screens cannot be manufactured to have the pixel density that LCD screens can. This makes devices that use LED screens a slight bit more defined and crisp, such as the HTC One X.

However, that may soon not be the case with Samsung, as there are reports coming from Korea that state that Samsung is ready to use their new FMM (Fine Metal Mask) production process, which would allow displays that can handle up to 350 ppi (pixels per inch). If you find yourself asking what that would end up looking like, here’s a comparison: the iPhone 4S “retina display” that Apple’s raved about since inception? That’s 326 ppi. The more pixels per inch, the more room there is to sharpen images at a small scale, making them crisp and clean to the user.

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  1. pleasegetreal
    July 30, 13:05 Reply

    It may have the density, but can it produce a white color? This has been the major failing of AMOLED displays up to now. I don’t think people have been complaining much about the pixel density.

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