Sidekick 4G retired but Sidekick line will live on


T-Mobile USA has confirmed with PhoneScoop that the Samsung-designed Sidekick 4G has been retired.  This doesn’t definitively mean that the brand has been given the axe though as  T-Mobile was quick to clear the air.

…Sidekick 4G…retired (but)…it doesn’t mean we are discontinuing the T-Mobile Sidekick line.”

It will be interesting to see if or when the Sidekick returns now that we’ve become so enamored in touch-only devices.   Will it ever find its way back to the top of the heap where it was once considered a killer handset experience?



  1. Tmobile should really unify a product line under a brand name similar to vzw with the “Droid” line.

    Maybe have “sidekick” and “Sidekick touch” for keyboarded and keyboard less devices.

    then to really set it off, make a custom version of vlingo or voice actions or some such and call it “Your Sidekick,” to act as a siri-like experience for T-mo, who lacks an iphone. Add in support for themes (as those were popular as hell on SK) and you have a great way to target teens and young adults who would love the cheaper plans.