Multiple user accounts coming soon to Android?

Multiple user accounts coming soon to Android?

Our friends over at AndroidPolice made quite the discovery recently, and it has to do with multiple user accounts within Android. Not only would it be a great feature to have, it appears that Google might be preparing for it, as AP has found several instances within AOSP that could lead to multiple user accounts. You can check out their full post on it here, but we want to know your thoughts on this. I can think of a few scenarios in which multiple user accounts would be very useful, one being that family tablet that we all seem to share. Of course, another is the business addict that likes to separate work and home, while still using one device. And how about the little brother you have that always wants your phone? The possibilities are nearly endless.

So, would you like to see multiple user access come to Android? Why would you use it? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Ashley
    July 31, 09:13 Reply

    Hasn’t this been around already? I have multiple gmail accounts on my device syncing with all contacts and what not. Are we talking about making two separate environments with logins being different?

    • Boone Simpson
      July 31, 10:10 Reply

      it sounds like multiple environments. I think cisco or att had an enterprise grade item that was supposed to do this. I would LOVE this feature especially for tablets so I can have one set up (homescreen, default apps, account sync, internet options) and my girlfriend have another.

  2. casperi
    August 01, 04:21 Reply

    yes for the love of gods yes being it on we need this in the enterprise. So tired of hearing users bitch that “IT Security” took over their phone and us with no other means to let the users run wild. I want our users to run wild, custom ROMs and all just not when that device is connected to our global networks. Yes Google please bring this to us. it’s deeply needed.

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