POLL: What’s your favorite music streaming app?

Let’s face it, there’s a ton of options out there when it comes to streaming music to your Android device.  And, truth be told, we all have our favorites.  Whether it’s a free client, a paid service, or something that’s evolved over time, we typically return to certain apps again and again.  We want to know which apps and services you are using on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Hit the poll below to tell us which app(s) you love the most.  Since there are so many to choose from and seeing as how they vary a bit in features, we’ll let you pick up to three selections.  Once you’ve done that, head down below to the comments and defend your selections.  We wanna see you go to bat for your preferred clients.  Keep it clean!

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  • I picked other – Deezer is my preference, as it’s free on Orange (UK) – free data is bundled too, so I can stream all day over 3g and not use up my data bundle.

  • buildakicker

    The 3 different ones I use all serve a different purpose… TuneIn is probably my fav though.

  • I chose TuneIn, also cause none of the others is available in Italy.

  • JH

    Google Play Music

  • rekem

    Audiogalaxy. Unlimited streaming from my PC!