comScore: Android now own 51.6% of the mobile market, Samsung still leading the OEMs

comScore: Android now own 51.6% of the mobile market, Samsung still leading the OEMs

We wait for comScore report every month because they keep us updated with the mobile statistics in the USA. Just like the last report, Samsung is still winning from all the other smartphone vendors, and Android is still sitting on the “throne of mobile operating systems”, but there are just some slight changes. Compared to the previous quarter, Android got .6% increase making a total of 51.6%. Apple grew 1.7%, which is actually a huge increase, and on the other side; RIM, Microsoft and Symbian faced a decrease.

The reason Android is leading and iPhone is just behind it, is the fail of famous OS of their times like RIM and Symbian, there are losing customers on daily basis, which’s actually a plus for either Google or Apple. Talking about top mobile OEMs, Samsung is leading but they faced a little decrease; also LG and Motorola. Only HTC and Apple got a little increase in their sales, and probably the reason HTC got a 0.4% increase is the good sale of the One X and others in the states. Though Samsung came out with the Galaxy S III this summer, but it seems we might see an increase in upcoming reports, so fingers crossed.

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Source: Engadget

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  1. Michael Essany
    August 01, 17:34 Reply

    More awesome news for Android. The partnership with Samsung has to be the most powerful in all of mobile today. But apart from popular devices powered by this operating system, I think developers deserve a lot of credit for the sustained growth Android has enjoyed (as evidenced by the comScore study highlighted above). I know a lot of former cross-platform devs who are now focusing exclusively on Android. Fewer limitations than iOS are always attractive, but mostly, I think the revenue potential is huge. I mean, we have seen make overnight success stories out of countless devs/advertisers. And, at the end of the day, developers are going to take their talents to wherever they can be most creative and most profitable. Android is clearly that destination for many people in our industry right now.

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