POLL: How long do you hold onto your Android smartphone?

Hey you!  Yeah, you.  We couldn’t help but notice that shiny Android handset in your hand.  How long have you had it?  Oh?  How long do you plan to keep it?

We’re a point where many of our readers have gotten into their second and third Android smartphones.  While some of you like to switch things up every few months, others like to hold on to that handset as long as possible.  That’s where today’s poll comes in…

Tell us how long you typically keep your Android before upgrading or moving on.  As always, leave your vote and then hit the comments to tell us why.  Is it money?  Are you fickle?  Is it a status symbol to you?

  • I’ll best most of the Other votes, currently leading, are something along the lines of “I’ll upgrade when the next Nexus device comes out.”

  • I’ve had each of my Android phones for 6-12 months. I’d like a new phone every 3-4 months, but that’s just not financially feasible.

    • Frank Gerobauer

      Wtf? And 6-12 months is?
      Seriously, wtf? after 6 months you suddenly can’t live with your phone anymore? 6 months?? What a fucked up world.

      • Maybe I’ll go buy a new phone this week just to piss you off even more!

  • echo125488

    as long as the contract states. Once I’m eligible for an upgrade, I upgrade.

  • Andy_in_Indy

    I would love to be able to upgrade every year, but that is not realistic. I tend to hang onto my Android phones about 18 months (until the upgrade is available). I usually have my new phone picked out several months in advance.

  • I still have my beloved G1

  • PhineasJW

    I stood in line for the G1 on launch day, and just handed it off last week, to a co-worker who’s tinkering with Android. I couldn’t manage to throw it away.

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  • banjoonmyknee

    Old Android phones are so useful! My 2+ year old Dinc makes a great secondary GPS, alarm clock, music player, kids’ car gaming system.

  • I just got a Nexus S 4G and plan on keeping it until my contract ends in a year. I feel like I’d upgrade more than once a year if just ran stock ROMs.

  • RSalinas

    Happy with my Nexus One

  • I still own my first Android – the G1 and will probably never let it go. I know I’ve been on T-Mo for about 3 years and I’m on phone #4, 5?? After the G1, came the CLIQ XT, then the MyTouch 4G and now the GSGII. So there you go.

  • Brian B

    Had my g1 for about a year then switched to sprint for the og EVO 4g. Thanks to the developers I kept it for full 2 yr contract. Now upgraded and traded to EVO 4g LTE. Here’s to 2 more years. That day I got rid of my og EVO was a bitter sweet day. If the development community did not exist I would be the guy to get the latest and greatest every couple months.

  • kisypher

    I upgrade every 4-6 months. I get bored easily and just need something new.

    • Frank Gerobauer

      Wtf.. Does your money grow on trees or something?

  • Brandon Sutherland

    I use both a Droid Razr Maxx and a Galaxy S3, but plan on trading up every 4 or 5 months or so and just paying a smaller fee to get the new stuff.

  • masterpfa

    I do upgrade almost annually depending on the current Nexus device available, so still have in my possession my Nexus One, bypassed the Nexus S and now have the Galaxy Nexus. I tend to keep my phones as I find it hard to part with a working phone, lol.

  • slappy

    thanks for the pic of the g1…..I remember the excitement waiting for it to arrive…..Proud to be an original adopter.