Dress up your Android with Gauli’s interactive animated Live Wallpapers

We recently came across some new Live Wallpapers for Android smartphones and tablet that we think you’d enjoy.  The developer, Gauli, has only released four titles into Google Play thus far but we see great things ahead.  All four Live Wallpapers share a similar drawing and animation style and look gorgeous on phones and tablets. There’s an option to switch from day to night mode however there’s not much else in the way of settings.

Screenshots won’t do these justice so be sure to check out the videos below. You’ll find one (Nossia) of the LWP’s free however the others are 99¢ each.  Each is based exclusive designs and feature continuous movement. The slow and steady movement of the numerous layers is quite nice if we do say so ourselves.

  • Nossia flowers live wallpaper. Relax in a beautiful landscape as you float through strange flowers.
  • Drobita moon live wallpaper. A goddess of diamonds on a lunar landscape and a forgotten city.
  • Lumosia glamour live wallpaper. Enjoy this inviting pink room that comes alive in your hands.
  • Balaika summer live wallpaper. Dive into an ocean of pure pleasure for senses.