Five for Friday: Android apps for Breaking Bad fans

Quick, what’s the hottest, and arguably best, show on television right now?  If you said Breaking Bad, you’re absolutely right.  (We’ll pretend like the headline wasn’t a dead giveaway.)  Given that we’re in the fifth and final season of the critically-acclaimed show, we felt we owed it to you to collect a few Breaking Bad apps.  These are a smattering of titles, some of which are officially licensed and developed by AMC.

Just a heads up, there’s bound to be some spoiler-ish stuff in the apps listed below.  If you’re trying to catch up from the beginning, or happen to be a season or so behind, then proceed with caution. There’s slightly spoiler-ish stuff ahead.

This week’s topic: Android apps for Breaking Bad fans


AMC Mobile for phone

Created by the network that airs the show each week, this one provides access to a host of Breaking Bad-related features.  The app provides updates, sneak peeks, behind the scenes video, cast interviews, tweets, access to Facebook groups, and more.  Users can also read AMC’s blog posts, get movie news, theatrical and DVD reviews, and other stuff that pertain to the series. Of course, you’ll also be able to keep up with other AMC shows such as The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Hell on Wheels. Got a tablet?  Be sure to grab the version optimized for larger displays!

Breaking Bad Game: The Cost of Doing Business

Think you have what it takes to run a meth lab and operate a street business at the same time?  Put yourself to the test and find out just how much Jesse Pinkman you have inside.  The game itself looks and acts very much like a Choose Your Own Adventure graphic novel, which is actually pretty compelling stuff.  Can you manage thugs, prostitutes, and dirty lawyers?  Find out with this free game from AMC. 

Breaking Bad: G.F.Y.

Remember that crazy scene at the end of season four where Gus Fring…?  How would you like to relive that scene over and over, but with yourself in the scene instead?  Take a picture of yourself from the front and see how you’d look  in his boots.  After your’re done, share that with your friends and family.


Breaking Bad Free Trivia Game

So you’ve been a faithful watcher since day one.  How much have you been paying attention?  Can you recall specific titles of episodes or extremely minor details?  Test yourself with this free app or compete against friends in a race to 10 correct answers.  Questions, for now, only range from seasons 1-4 so don’t expect to see anything from the final 16 episodes.


Breaking Bad Wallpapers

Show off your love of Breaking Bad by putting one of these wallpapers on the home screen of your Android phone.  Features 20 iconic images from the show over the years, including some of the official posters.  Yes, you could Google for other wallpapers but this is a nice, compact way of keeping them organized.  Besides, who can beat free?

Your Turn

What apps are you using to follow Breaking Bad? Is it one of these or do you prefer to use another?  Leave a comment below with your picks and faves!