POLL: Would you switch carriers for a specific phone?

Have you ever switched carriers just because they offered a specific handset?  Did you jump to T-Mobile back in late 2008 simply because you wanted the G1? What about that EVO in 2010?  Did you hop over to Sprint in order to grab that 4.3-inch display?  We’re curious to see if you’ve ever considered leaving your provider behind because someone else had a “better” phone.

Leave your mark on the poll below and then head to the comments to chat with your fellow Android users.  Tell us which phone was so compelling that you were forced to switch allegiances.

  • BigEd

    Ha that’s funny that you mentioned those phones, the G1 and EVO cause those were the phones that made me switch carriers

  • BrettKoster

    Honestly, last time I switched carriers was before the smartphone craze really took off. Got the LG Chocolate VX8550, I thought the slider idea was awesome. Been on Verizon ever since, nothing has really encouraged me to switch

    • irtechneo

      Lol that brought back memories. My wife wanted the chocolate and I wanted the envy so we switched to Verizon. Now that I am grandfathered in to unlimited data switching carriers is becoming a harder pill to swallow. I’m sick of seeing everyone around me pay less on other carriers though. I am really contemplating leaving Verizon now due to the nexus debacle and locking down the galaxy s 3. Verizon don’t care what customers want-its their way or the highway. But their 4g is so fast…

  • oldtaku

    Last time I jumped ship was to get away from AT&T, not for a specific phone. I’m on T-Mobile right now, cheap plan, good coverage, good connection (in my area). I can’t imagine what kind of phone would drag my ass to AT&T or Verizon, especially with the Galaxy S3 on all carriers.

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  • Droid Razr Maxx almost did due to its specs and battery life. But I couldn’t Justify paying $80 and up when I was paying $50 on a family plan on T-Mobile.

    Bought the Galaxy Nexus and now using T-Mobile’s monthly Pre Paid $30 for 100min, ULM Text, and 5GB 4G data. Never Looked back. If I need a new phone it’ll be the next Nexus.

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  • ianmccully

    I switched away from Orange to Vodafone as I wanted the Samsung galaxy nexus and Orange customer services told me that Oange weren’t getting this phone , so I went with Vodafone as they had the phone thanks ian
    dropped htc like a hot potato too as they always leave their phones behind ,this is another reason I went for the samsung galaxy nexus as I knew it would get all the future updates thanks.

  • Dee

    I am waiting for a good phone so I can switch from Verizon to either AT&T or T-Mobile. I am done with Verizon’s crappy everything service, plan and the whole nine yards!