POLL: Which Android series is the best?


Which is better: Samsung’s Galaxy series or HTC’s EVO series?  What if we tossed in the Sony Xperia line and Verizon’s multi-manufacturer Droid roster?  Looking across all the various carriers and handset makers, we’ve seen some pretty great series of devices released.  To each of us, some carry more weight than others.  We want to know which one you find to be the best of the best of the best…

Hit the poll below and tell us which Android series is the best.  After you tick your box, head below and defend your answer.  Tell us why you chose the way you did.

EDIT: We added Nexus to the list of options as it was overwhelmingly popular among the early write-ins.

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  1. Although the idea for this poll is a good one, from my perspective, it’s biased.

    To Explain,

    I naturally think that the Galaxy line is the best, but why? Because I’ve used them. I owned a Vibrant for a while, the Galaxy S 4G for a short time, then the Galaxy S II; all being on T-Mobile. I also owned the original MyTouch, and look at some of the later versions before going with Samsung.

    Though I read a lot about them, I’ve never actually used any of the EVO or Droid series. And most of my family and friends either have lower-end android phones or iPhones. The Xperia line may have a beautiful interface, the Nexus line rocks the pure Google experience, but without taking those phones through my own personal day to day, I can’t really give any of them the credit they deserve, and they have no chance of being a “favorite” of mine.

    If you just want to compare specs, each line would have a phone that beats a phone in another line, but at the same time, doesn’t compare to a phone in yet another line.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion. The Galaxy S II and me get along well, and I would image that as long as Samsung continues doing what they’re doing, it would take something extraordinary to pull me away from the Galaxy family.


  2. I have a galaxy nexus and I absolutely love it purely for the fact it’s open and not locked or branded by my network in any way, shape or form. Although I’ve never experienced phones from the other lines so it’s not like I can make a fair comparison. The only EVO phone I know of in the UK is the EVO 3D and as for the others, I don’t know many who have them. It’s very close to call.

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