POLL: Would you consider a shared data plan?

POLL: Would you consider a shared data plan?

With two of the big four U.S. carriers making the switch to shared data plans, consumers now have a little something else to consider when choosing their next phone.  Do I go with a smartphone now or should I stay the course with a feature phone?  Do I add my tablet or netbook?  Should I add my two teenage children to my plan?

Would you ever consider pooling data together with other users?  Do you like the idea of adding multiple devices to your data bucket?

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  1. Mark Nielsen
    August 08, 14:06 Reply

    Seriously considering using a service like Ting where I pay only what I use each month and still can get a Samsung SIII. Why share data where you have options like this?

    • UbuntuMan
      August 08, 15:00 Reply

      Or better yet, why stick with Verizon and ATT (where you know they are nickel and diming you) and not go with T-Mobile or Sprint???

  2. raitchison
    August 08, 15:49 Reply

    I would absolutely consider a shared data plan and the right plan could make me totally rethink how I buy devices. The problem with the plans implemented by VZW and AT&T are the really high per-device access fees.

  3. jaylanPHNX
    August 08, 20:40 Reply

    A shared plan would be great for my wife and I, if they weren’t so goddamn expensive.

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