ANDROIDGUYS GIVEAWAY! Win a Nexus 7, HTC One X, and Transformer Pad!

ANDROIDGUYS GIVEAWAY! Win a Nexus 7, HTC One X, and Transformer Pad!

UPDATE: Winners have been announced – Congrats to all three!  Thank you to everyone who participated, we’ve got plenty of good stuff coming soon!

It’s back-to-school season and we could think of no better excuse to put together our latest, and best, giveaway.  We’ve got a trio of wonderful goodies for you guys and gals, thanks to our most gracious friends at NVIDIA.  As you likely saw from the headline, we have an HTC One X (unlocked), a Nexus 7, and an Asus Transformer Pad (with dock) to give out.  Yep – each and every one of these bad boys is cutting-edge stuff powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

We’re big fans of NVIDIA here at AndroidGuys and have really come to appreciate the performance that comes with their mobile processors.  If you’ve ever experienced a game optimized for the Tegra 3 then you know why we love them so much.  Haven’t tried anything yet?  Get to the TegraZone right now and download a few, we’ll wait.  If we could recommend a few to start, check out Riptide GP, Backbreaker THD, and SHADOWGUN. That is, of course, provided you love stuff like particle effects, real-life physics, and gorgeous lighting effect.


There are three ways to win one of these devices

  1. Log in below and leave a comment.  Say what ya want, but we’d love to hear what device you have your eyes on.  Duplicate entries will be omitted and tossed out so don’t bother gaming us.
  2. Follow AndroidGuys on Facebook and “Like” this post.  We can’t tell you what to do, but we’d appreciate if you shared it as well.
  3. Follow AndroidGuys on Twitter and tweet “I wanna win a Tegra 3 device from @androidguys and @nvidiategra #AGTegra3“.  Tweet as often as you’d like, we won’t hold that one against ya.

We will randomly draw a winner from each of those three options on September 1, 2012.  If you do not respond within 48 hours of notification then we will have to move on to the next person.

Small, and unavoidable, stuff we have to disclose: Contest is open to U.S. residents only. One winner will receive one (1) brand new Google Nexus 7 ($200 value), one winner will receive a brand new HTC One X ($500 value), and one will receive a brand new Asus Transformer Pad and Mobile Dock ($550 value). These are promotional giveaways and neither AndroidGuys nor NVIDIA are responsible for warranties, customer service, or repairs.  Each device comes with its own manufacturer warranty.

Reminder – entries can be submitted until August 31, 2012 at 11:59PM EST


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  1. Seán Prunka
    August 13, 11:49 Reply

    I’ve got my eyes on the N7 … though the Transformer Pad + dock are awfully tempting. (I would like the One, but I’m on VZW.)

  2. David Rosen
    August 13, 11:50 Reply

    lets see… I want the nexus 7 for my parents, the transformer with dock for my girlfriend, and the one x for me… sounds like a plan…

  3. Haseeb Shaikh
    August 13, 11:50 Reply

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S 3 and would love to have the Nexus 7 tablet to go along with it. Thanks AndroidGuys

  4. Emil A Andersson
    August 13, 11:51 Reply

    That would be awesome!! Heard really good things about those devices would be awesome to have them, especially the Pad since i dont have one.

  5. Vincent Agnello
    August 13, 11:51 Reply

    I’m waiting on a 9 or 10 inch tablet running jellybean. I don’t care who makes it.

  6. Frank Victor Roesler III
    August 13, 11:53 Reply

    I would love to get my hands on the transformer tablet, or the nexus 7 for that matter. Mostly because I don’t have a tablet :) I’ve already got an HTC Vivid, so I’ll wait till the One X+ comes out.

  7. Daniel Angulo
    August 13, 11:53 Reply

    I have the HTC One X on muy eyes, on my mind!!! 32GB and 1.5 GHz!!! Woooaw! Terrific smartphone! @oompaaids :)

  8. Odoyle
    August 13, 12:00 Reply

    Definitely the Nexus 7 by a landslide!

  9. Patrick K
    August 13, 12:05 Reply

    Android rules and ios drools!! I have my eyes on the Asus Transformer Pad (with dock) been dying to have an Android Tablet. I have an Asus laptop and love it, an Asus Transformer Pad (with dock) would be awesome!!!

  10. Kevin Keplar
    August 13, 12:06 Reply

    Drooooooooooolll. Would be happy to have any of these shiny goodies.

  11. Tom
    August 13, 12:16 Reply

    I am at your mercy Android Guys, bestow upon me any android goodness you can!

  12. trampacek
    August 13, 12:20 Reply

    new tablet for me been saving up for one!!

  13. Paulo Ducut
    August 13, 12:26 Reply

    I would love to have them all, but I wanted most is the Asus Transformer. I would love to experience tablet PC computing. one x can wait.

  14. Bryan Davis
    August 13, 12:28 Reply

    The Nexus 7 would be awesome. Always wanted one of the Nexus devices.

  15. Thomas R Gabrielli
    August 13, 12:42 Reply

    Any of the 3 would be cool to own, but I especially like the Asus Transformer Pad. THAT would be very cool to win! Wish me luck.

  16. Courtney E.
    August 13, 13:02 Reply

    I’d love to have the one X, but that nexus 7 is looking pretty good.

  17. nmw407
    August 13, 13:03 Reply

    Oh, man… I would love to get the Nexus 7, but any of the three would be fantastic!

  18. Andy Raynor
    August 13, 13:06 Reply

    If only the One X came on a decent carrier. I splurged for the Nexus 7 so it’s got to be the Transformer Pad!

  19. Irvin Zamora
    August 13, 13:07 Reply

    I would love a Nexus 7, but HTC One X is what I want.

  20. alancece
    August 13, 13:07 Reply

    The transformer pad would be nice, but I honestly am more excited about the Nexus 7 then anything else!

  21. audioboxer217
    August 13, 13:07 Reply

    Your giveaways are always so awesome! Hoping I win this time :)

  22. ralphwiggum1
    August 13, 13:07 Reply

    They all look good, but One X and Transformer especially.

  23. Grooben79
    August 13, 13:12 Reply

    That Transformer Pad and dock look like they would look great on my desk!

  24. The Decipher
    August 13, 13:12 Reply

    Hoping to get my hands on One X or the Nexus 7!! Come on universe, make my year!

  25. SciencePro
    August 13, 13:12 Reply

    Awesome devices, Tegra 3 ftw. Either One X or Transformer would be great.

  26. Ruben
    August 13, 13:13 Reply

    Love to get all 3 but the Nexus 7 is definitely what I’d like to win

  27. mightyshakerjnr
    August 13, 13:13 Reply

    I bought a Nexus 7, so the Transformer pad or the One X would do nicely for me!

  28. tintmylf
    August 13, 13:14 Reply

    The nexus 7 would be great, followed by the Asus. HTC One X is less exciting

  29. Robert Nelson
    August 13, 13:15 Reply

    Would love to get a Transformer, have had my eye on those for a while, but have always held off.

  30. Heather Reeves Coleman
    August 13, 13:15 Reply

    Very interested in either pad– on Sprint or I would say the HTC One X– it looks like a fantastic phone.

  31. Steve Reddington
    August 13, 13:16 Reply

    The Nexus 7 is the most awe inspiring of the bunch. I now want THAT tablet. ( not a tablet owner yet)

  32. Roger Lefort
    August 13, 13:17 Reply

    I’d like to have the Nexus 7. I’m hoping the next Nexus phone is manufactured by HTC.

  33. Trevor
    August 13, 13:17 Reply

    Would love to be able to use the HTC ONE X.

  34. keithsmith22
    August 13, 13:19 Reply

    Having all of that is a tech geeks wet dream. I would love to win that.

  35. Chuck Falzone
    August 13, 13:19 Reply

    It’s funny, it’s the cheapest of the three, but the N7 is the one I’d want most.

  36. geeknik
    August 13, 13:20 Reply

    I’d love to have a Nexus 7! =)

  37. Sean Ringrose
    August 13, 13:20 Reply

    I actually have a Google Nexus 7 already, and am in love with it. I’d love a Transformer, though, for work purposes. The HTC One X would be nice, too, simply because I could use a phone for personal use (my company pays for a business phone). Great giveaway, though! Keep it up!

  38. AwesomeSauce
    August 13, 13:21 Reply

    I want to test out the tegra3 processor!! Gimme a Transformer please

  39. Joseph Damon Powers
    August 13, 13:21 Reply

    Man it would be really nice to replace my HTC Sensation 4g with a HTC One X. The HTC one X is such a sexy phone!

  40. Susan Young Finney
    August 13, 13:23 Reply

    Terrific giveaway idea! I work in retail which sells all of these but do you think I can afford one? Ha! Would love the Nexus 7 tablet!

  41. Fugu
    August 13, 13:23 Reply

    I own two N7s in the family at the moment but I love HTC hardware ever since I got my N1, but since Samsung has been making all the Nexus phones since then I haven’t had one since. I’d love to have a One X with CM10 on it

  42. Jon Albany
    August 13, 13:25 Reply

    Love my nexus 7. Could really appreciate having an unlocked HTC One X.

  43. Erick Polanco
    August 13, 13:25 Reply

    I’d love to have any of the three devices, but one of the tablets would be awesome to have for my studies

  44. braz
    August 13, 13:27 Reply

    Been looking at the Nexus 7 for a while, and the Transformer would be sweet.

    Either would be fantastic as early birthday presents!

  45. Matt
    August 13, 13:29 Reply

    I’d take any of them!

  46. Dave
    August 13, 13:30 Reply

    I’ve wanted a tablet for a while now; I’d be happy with either the N7 or the Transformer.

  47. kbiel
    August 13, 13:30 Reply

    I would enjoy owning any one of those.

    In descending order of want:
    1. Asus Transformer Pad
    2. Nexus 7
    3. HTC One X

  48. Gabe Covert
    August 13, 13:31 Reply

    I refuse to leave a comment to enter this contest for a Nexus 7 I’d love to have.

  49. S Allen
    August 13, 13:31 Reply

    Please send the Asus Transformer Pad and dock my way!

  50. Andrew
    August 13, 13:31 Reply

    The Transformer Pad would be sweet!

  51. Eric Garcia
    August 13, 13:37 Reply

    Please give me the Transformer pad and dock!!
    Pretty please!!!!!

  52. KevinToledo
    August 13, 13:40 Reply

    Nexus 7 looks so pretty. That would be so cool to have!

  53. BHidd
    August 13, 13:41 Reply

    I’ll take the transformer pad and dock. Thanks!

  54. Tim Shupp
    August 13, 13:44 Reply

    Would love a new Transformer to replace my old one.

  55. AndyH_STi
    August 13, 13:49 Reply

    I’d love any of these devices, but I really have my eye on the Nexus 7 tablet!

  56. Zooks64
    August 13, 13:49 Reply

    I’m a huge fan of Android and Tegra 3. Hook me up with the Nexus 7 or, heck, any of those devices 😉

  57. Michael S
    August 13, 13:50 Reply

    I’ve been trying to justify a nexus 7… it would be awesome if I didn’t have to!

  58. Jordan Arscott
    August 13, 13:50 Reply

    I wanna win a Tegra 3 device from androidguys and nvidiategra!

  59. Nick Jovita
    August 13, 13:51 Reply

    I would personally love to have the Nexus 7, but I would take any item to be honest. I would like to make custom ROMS for the Nexus 7 and see what else I can do to better it.

  60. bkt
    August 13, 13:52 Reply

    any one will do. thanks!

  61. Travis O
    August 13, 13:52 Reply

    I’ve been looking at the Transformer tablets for a while now; I just haven’t pulled the trigger.

  62. MrGalione973
    August 13, 13:53 Reply

    I am but a nimble googler, and a nexus 7 sounds nice!

  63. remy7
    August 13, 13:54 Reply

    TransformerPad would be nice

  64. javaman83
    August 13, 13:54 Reply

    I’d totally but up for any of the three. Great site and great contest.

  65. Henrik Jensen
    August 13, 13:55 Reply

    Have been trying to get a nexus 7 for weeks now and since im in Danmark i cant just buy one so i have my eyes set ovn that onde :-)

  66. mcardona9015
    August 13, 13:56 Reply

    All three of these devices are awesome!! but if I really had to choose one I’d go with the HTC One X since I just so happen to need a new phone :) Thanks!

  67. Carl Sharpe
    August 13, 13:56 Reply

    I’d love to win this thing! Pick my name!!! 😉

  68. John Pattison
    August 13, 13:56 Reply

    I know the Samboyz love the Galaxy S3 but the HTC One X is the superior phone. I think it’s obvious what prize I’d choose if I win 😉

  69. un
    August 13, 13:57 Reply

    the nexus 7 😮

  70. Homer Denine
    August 13, 13:57 Reply

    That HTC One would be perfect for a dev platform! Hook me up!

  71. Zach Dasher
    August 13, 13:57 Reply

    I would absoluetly love any of those. A friend of mine just got the one X and im a bit jealous….

  72. Kirsty Lawer
    August 13, 14:00 Reply

    Please let me win the Nexus 7. My work just got one and won’t let me take it home. 😛

  73. John Beaman
    August 13, 14:07 Reply

    I would like the Nexus 7, or the Transformer. I’m not picky as long as I win…

  74. maria moya
    August 13, 14:10 Reply

    If I was blessed with the chance of winning a device I would love to win the nexus 7. That’s better than winning the lottery because money dont make some one happy like me ..I prefer the nexus 7 or any of the 3 devices cuz they are all great and they’re the best of the best ..God bless you all

  75. Benchmade7
    August 13, 14:11 Reply

    I ask not for me but for my poor android less children.

  76. maria moya
    August 13, 14:15 Reply

    I would be bless with any of the devices.. baggers beggars can’t be choosey. I will luv any of the 4.. I hope I finally get to win a tablet or phone. I have never won anything and hopefully this will be my lucky day…God bless you and your family ..

  77. Sam Payrovi
    August 13, 14:17 Reply

    And by 1 comment, I meant the comment in itself. So this would be a second chance to win?

  78. Todd B
    August 13, 14:18 Reply

    These are all great devices, but I would have to say I would be most interested in getting my hands on the HTC One X. I have not played with one of those yet and it looks like a great phone!

    Good Luck to all who enter!

  79. Brian Knapp
    August 13, 14:21 Reply

    I would love the One X… or the Transformer… or the nexus 7!

  80. Summer Knapp
    August 13, 14:23 Reply

    I need a new phone! Would love the One X!! Those tablets sure would make a girl happy!

  81. Jacob Sweany
    August 13, 14:24 Reply

    Would love the Nexus 7! If not, a Transformer Pad would be awesome too :)

  82. Tom002
    August 13, 14:26 Reply

    The One X or the Nexus 7 would be awesome. But I wouldn’t mind the transformer pad either.

  83. Brian Shellhorn
    August 13, 14:29 Reply

    I would give each one a loving home…The transformer would be my #1 choice!!

  84. Zach Stewart
    August 13, 14:31 Reply

    Many awesomes! I would love the Nexus 7! Anything would do!

  85. Dragoon0030
    August 13, 14:34 Reply

    Would love the transformer pad, but I have been eyeing the nexus 7 for my girlfriend

  86. Keith Johnson
    August 13, 14:35 Reply

    I would love for Android Guys to hook me up with the Tegra 3 powered Nexus 7. I’ve heard great things about it since it was announced straight from you guys, and the Motorola Xoom I currently have is not exactly a “bleeding edge” device right now. Look out for me Android Guys!

  87. Nick Logan
    August 13, 14:36 Reply

    I would absolutely love to win the Nexus 7 for myself and the HTC One X for my daughter who will be leaving for college soon.

  88. Jose Munoz
    August 13, 14:36 Reply

    I wanna win a Tegra 3 device from @androidguys and @nvidiategra #AGTegra3 . A transformer pad would be great… or a nexus… or the htc one… just can’t decide…

  89. Paul K Adam
    August 13, 14:37 Reply

    I would love the HTC One X. So done with my Incredible!

  90. Ion Lowell
    August 13, 14:37 Reply

    I’d love a Nexus 7 or the transformer, Both would be excellent devices to learn with 😀 Good luck to all who enter!

  91. Dave Chlan
    August 13, 14:37 Reply

    This would be great to win any of them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. ElSteverino
    August 13, 14:40 Reply

    I’d like the Transformer Prime for myself, the Nexus 7 for my wife and the HTC One X for my daughter.

  93. SGPMan
    August 13, 14:43 Reply

    I’d love to get the Transformer Prime!

  94. rizwan khan
    August 13, 14:46 Reply

    any of the above device will do for me…….at the end all are powered by Nvidia Tegra 3…:D

  95. Joy Cashman
    August 13, 14:48 Reply

    Nexus 7 for my boyfriend who has been begging for one for months.

  96. Justin Hinkofer
    August 13, 14:53 Reply

    I would love to have the Nexus 7. I was looking into getting a laptop for school, but the tablet seems like a much better choice.

  97. Joey Stern
    August 13, 14:53 Reply

    I want the Asus or the Nexus 7 so bad! so bad!

  98. Tenkely
    August 13, 14:56 Reply

    Ooooooooh I really want to get my hands on that Transformer Prime or that Nexus 7! Can I have both?

  99. Ilan
    August 13, 14:59 Reply

    I sure like to have the transformer Pad with the dock.

  100. Kevin Huxford
    August 13, 15:02 Reply

    Honestly, can’t decide which I’d be more geeked for: the Nexus or the Transformer. I’m more a 10″ tablet guy, but, as a prize, I could possibly geek out more over the power packed in that 7″.

  101. Earle Zulueta
    August 13, 15:05 Reply

    I would love the have the nexus 7 for myself and the HTC one X for my wife.

  102. ilysespieces
    August 13, 15:05 Reply

    they are all amazing but i’d love the one x! my phone has been on the outs for a while and i can’t afford a new one

  103. JustinCrouch
    August 13, 15:08 Reply

    Seriously! Owning a nexus 7 tablet would make life so much more productive!

  104. anthony
    August 13, 15:08 Reply

    I would love to have any one of these devices! I am always on my Note or A500 as it is, but now my wife is always wanting my tablet.

  105. UbuntuMan
    August 13, 15:10 Reply

    Was planning on getting the Nexus 7. Well, now I’ll just have to wait until after Sep. 1st.

  106. becke1ad
    August 13, 15:19 Reply

    I’d really like the Transformer! Nexus 7 would be great, but maybe a little lacking for what I would want from a tablet.

  107. sid
    August 13, 15:21 Reply

    Best. Contest. Ever!!! The HTC One X and an Asus transformer PAD and I’d be in heaven!

  108. ellett
    August 13, 15:24 Reply

    Wow! If it came down to the unlocked One X, my son would steal it because he’s headed to college and doesn’t know who has the best coverage on campus. Either tablet would be mine, mine, mine!

  109. Trina Rigsby
    August 13, 15:33 Reply

    Runnin Rooted Stock on GS3 right now but would love the chance to get a hold of a new device :)

  110. John Murphy
    August 13, 15:34 Reply

    I totally want it all boys. Transformer Prime the most!!

  111. Dave Wolnik
    August 13, 15:39 Reply

    I would like to win anything, but if I had to pick I pick the Nexus7

  112. perhac88
    August 13, 15:39 Reply

    Most interested in that gorgeous Nexus 7 up there

  113. Jesslyn Hendrix
    August 13, 15:43 Reply

    I really really want a Nexus tablet to replace my never updated Samsung Galaxy Tab and G2 phone. This will be a great start.

  114. domingorogers
    August 13, 15:45 Reply

    Aside from winning a Nexus 7 it’s going to be near impossible for me to convince my wife that I “need” one. So, if you’d wouldn’t mind please choose me for the Nexus 7! (Yes I know names will be drawn randomly)

  115. Adrian
    August 13, 15:45 Reply

    Dear Santa (aka AndroidGuys),

    I’d really really really like the Nexus 7.


  116. Mark Steward
    August 13, 15:46 Reply

    I am totally up for the Transformer Pad! Send it my way as soon as you can…

  117. Kevin Dahlstrom
    August 13, 15:46 Reply

    Tough choice between the Nexus 7 and the Transformer Pad…I would take any of them actually!

  118. Packk01
    August 13, 15:46 Reply

    I’d love them all but I would most like to get that new Asus Pad. Mine is definitely ready to be replaced

  119. Xaephen
    August 13, 15:48 Reply

    This is a great giveaway, please count me in!

  120. pepperonijack
    August 13, 15:48 Reply

    Hard to choose… On one hand I prefer the 10.1 form factor, and the keyboard dock is pretty cool, but on the other hand the Nexus is a Nexus (also the One X is the best current smartphone imho but I need a tablet more than a new phone). If I really had to choose I would take the Transformer Pad, but all three are pretty awesome devices.

  121. Wendy_VA
    August 13, 15:51 Reply

    Well they all look f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. . . but if I had to choose just one, it would be the ASUS Transformer pad.

    At my house, dropped calls are the norm,
    Which in my head builds a dark angry storm.
    Guess I’ll chuck the smart phone,
    but so I’m not all alone,
    Send ASUS tab & my life will tranform!

    . . . best I could do short notice :)

  122. James Jurack
    August 13, 15:53 Reply

    My GN is all the phone I need, but the N7 or Transformer would be quite nice.

  123. Benny
    August 13, 15:53 Reply

    A Nexus 7 would be great!

  124. chssmsterwnook
    August 13, 15:58 Reply

    I think the One X or Nexus 7 would be my choice, I’m not really sure which I would benefit from more, I already have a Transformer pad with dock, and a Galaxy Nexus, so it would be a tough choice.

  125. Justin Siefert
    August 13, 16:01 Reply

    That is very hard to choose. I think the Transformer Pad would be my choice. Not on AT&T so the One X is off the table right away. I prefer the 10.1 inch form factor.

  126. Philip
    August 13, 16:02 Reply

    I would love a Nexus 7, Jelly Bean looks really cool! 😀

  127. Harold Goldner
    August 13, 16:03 Reply

    One X is wasted on AT&T’s lousy service here; Nexus 7 lacks hdmi out or removable memory. It’s a no brainer, I’ll take the Asus Transformer, please!

  128. Shane Goodwin
    August 13, 16:07 Reply

    I’ve got my eye on either the Nexus 7, or the ASUS Transformer Pad. My wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would have a great need of either of these devices for doing some naturopathic research so she won’t have to go through chemo or radiation… (not looking for sympathy, just giving the reason why I’m wanting a tablet) Thanks! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  129. Chad Cluver
    August 13, 16:12 Reply

    I’d love any of the three (but full disclosure I have a Nexus 7 and an S4 One X (AT&T) so yeah…)

  130. Jonathan Griffiths
    August 13, 16:12 Reply

    The Nexus 7 has my heart – my mate got one and it’s so easy to hold, slick to operate and filled with Google goodness!

  131. Wendy_VA
    August 13, 16:12 Reply

    Not sure the other post actually posted (login trouble and I tried to post as a guest)so here it is again:
    These NVIDIA Teg3 devices all look f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! If I had to choose but one, it would be the Transformer tablet, with a dock no less!

    At my house dropped calls are the norm.
    So in my head builds a dark angry storm.
    Guess I’ll chuck the smart phone,
    But so I’m not all alone,
    Send ASUS pad, my life will transform!

    . . . best I could do short notice :).

  132. Ido Shamiz
    August 13, 16:18 Reply

    I whold love to win the Asus Transformer pad and the movile dock. I heard that they are great ! :)

  133. Ansel Santosa
    August 13, 16:19 Reply

    I would love the transformer! I want to retire my Chromebook

  134. William Hickman
    August 13, 16:21 Reply

    I would love to be able to compare the htc one x to my samsung galaxy s3

  135. Texan9686
    August 13, 16:32 Reply

    HTC One X for me please!! Windows isn’t cutting it for me anymore and I’m ready to see what Android is all about!

  136. Abhinav
    August 13, 16:39 Reply

    I hope I win… *fingers crossed

  137. sam_evans7
    August 13, 16:39 Reply

    Any of them would be awesome! The Transformer is drawing my gaze most strongly… :)

  138. Pericles
    August 13, 16:41 Reply

    I’d love to get my hands on the new Nexus 7! I’m stuck with an old EVO 4G and, Jelly Bean on my end sucks as of now! Also never tried a quad-core tablet… Thanks AndroidGuys for this awesome giveaway, and good luck everyone! 😀

  139. Nick Brouhard
    August 13, 16:41 Reply

    I’d be happy with any of the prizes, but I would prefer the Nexus 7 (even though it is valued the lowest).

  140. TSWilliams
    August 13, 16:41 Reply

    I would love a nexus 7 but All three are amazing and I wouldn’t say no to any of them

  141. Rocktoonz
    August 13, 16:43 Reply

    Excuse me, have to wipe up that puddle of drool I left thinking about winning the Asus Transformer Pad and Mobile Dock

  142. Louie
    August 13, 16:44 Reply

    I’d love the Nexus 7, but I’d also like to try out the Transformer and HTC!

  143. benmarvin
    August 13, 16:44 Reply

    The Transformer sure looks delicious, but I would be happy with any of them.

  144. rogue3
    August 13, 16:45 Reply

    I already have the TF300. I’d love to give that Nexus 7 to my wife though!

  145. Logan Graham
    August 13, 16:48 Reply

    Nexus 7 please! Awesome giveaway guys. And congrats for getting tweeted from Nvidia!

  146. Jason
    August 13, 16:49 Reply

    These back to school giveaways are great! I’d say the One X is what I want most, but no way I’m switching to AT&T. Either tablet will make me equally happy. :)

  147. DennisHeffernan
    August 13, 16:49 Reply

    Throwing my hat in the ring. All three prizes are great but I think I’d go with the Nexus 7 for access to JellyBean.

  148. livingluck
    August 13, 16:50 Reply

    Getting my hands on a Nexus 7 would round out my collection of this generation of Nexus devices. I already have the Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver phone.

  149. redidas
    August 13, 16:50 Reply

    I’ve always been curious about the Transformer with its dock. It seems like the most multi-functional tablet device one could get. With all the ports and ridiculous battery-life? With the Chrome browser? It could easily replace my old laptop running on a celeron processor (and render websites faster, I’m sure).

    That said, they are all pretty nice. Couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

  150. Dana Garner-Johnson
    August 13, 16:51 Reply

    I would love to have any of those items, but I think I would like the OneX the best, since I am a phone collecting maniac!

  151. Chris Moeller
    August 13, 16:53 Reply

    The transformer still looks awesome- but they all seem like they would be great devices!

  152. Randall Wanamaker
    August 13, 16:54 Reply

    I’d love to have either of the tablets so my wife will stop stealing mine.

  153. J.Rod
    August 13, 16:56 Reply

    Gimme any of these devices 😀

  154. Mark Murayama
    August 13, 16:57 Reply

    I’d love to win one! I have never won anything in a contest drawing like this, and it would be refreshing to actually win something. Thanks!

  155. James Cook
    August 13, 16:57 Reply

    Definitely going for Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7

  156. david cassoday
    August 13, 17:01 Reply

    I think I have my eyes set on the ASUS Transformer..weren’t there two versions of this released this year?

  157. knoxweather
    August 13, 17:01 Reply

    I would love to have either the Asus Transformer or the Nexus 7. I just want a tablet so bad!

  158. Adam Rinehart
    August 13, 17:02 Reply

    The Nexus 7 is great, would love one for my wife. Or you know, I’ll settle for a new transformer :)

  159. Aaron Esham
    August 13, 17:02 Reply

    All three have Tegra 3 goodness…would love to gnaw on any one of them.

  160. Jason Greathouse
    August 13, 17:12 Reply

    Awesome! I would love the Trasnformer Prime. It would make my day. And life :)

  161. Lauren Belle Lionheart
    August 13, 17:14 Reply

    Awesomeness! My hubby’s birthday is on August 31st and all he wants is a tablet. The Asus Transformer Pad or Nexus 7 would be so perfect! :)

  162. Ben Rodriguez
    August 13, 17:15 Reply

    I really have my eye on that nexus 7 furrrr surrreeee. Hey AndroidGuys, real talk; thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize pack.

  163. big007hed
    August 13, 17:18 Reply

    I am a Nexus convert after getting my Galaxy Nexus, I would love to pair it with a Nexus 7…. Also I love pudding!

  164. Jdies
    August 13, 17:20 Reply

    Awesome give away, I want the transformer

  165. Tyler Tyvand
    August 13, 17:20 Reply

    Just got a nexus 7, but my old nexus 1 needs a replacement (a role perfectly filled by the one x)

  166. theExample19
    August 13, 17:20 Reply

    Man, would I love that One X. I’m a huge Android guy and unfortunately am still rocking the Galaxy S (definitely have done some mods but still). Hook a homie up, I’ll s*@k ….. just playing.

  167. Ryan Powell
    August 13, 17:22 Reply

    Why are you making me have to choose?! AHHHHH! Nexus 7. Final answer.

  168. David Moralez
    August 13, 17:26 Reply

    Nexus 7 would be great so my kids will stop borrowing my phone. 😀

  169. Ed
    August 13, 17:26 Reply

    The Nexus 7 or the Transformer.

  170. Akhil
    August 13, 17:30 Reply

    A nexus 7 would be awesome plz!

  171. Jens Zalzala
    August 13, 17:30 Reply

    Groovy. Given the choice, I’d probably go for the transformer. Probably wouldn’t say no to the One X either, since it’s the ‘proper’ version, and not the mangled mess AT&T have come up with.

  172. Tyrian
    August 13, 17:32 Reply

    I could go for an Asus Transformer!

  173. JonPaul
    August 13, 17:33 Reply

    Oh that One X just winked at me!

  174. David Sorenson
    August 13, 17:35 Reply

    Love my Nexus 7. I would go for the One X so I could ditch my iPhone 4

  175. Sgtponce
    August 13, 17:37 Reply

    I would love to win any of these devices, but i had to chose one I would be the best tablet out right now, the Nexus 7!

  176. victor sanchez
    August 13, 17:41 Reply

    I need this in my life! A tablet will be great for my long boring days at work.

  177. Sgtponce
    August 13, 17:42 Reply

    I would take the best tablet in the market today, the Nexus 7!

  178. Masterminded
    August 13, 17:42 Reply

    I am in great need of an unlocked Android phone, now that I’m out of contract, I need a phone for T Mobile’s monthly 4G plan, so this would would be perfect. Of course, a nexus 7 or Transformer Pad would be awesome as well, so thanks for this great giveaway

  179. Weez7
    August 13, 17:44 Reply

    Oh man, I’m itching for that Nexus 7. I’ve been putting off buying one. Can I have it? Please?

  180. Andy_in_Indy
    August 13, 17:44 Reply

    Cool Prizes! My preference would be for the Nexus 7 or Transformer.

  181. JustReboot
    August 13, 17:48 Reply

    I would love to have that transformer. It kicks serious a$$ over the IP@d

  182. Clinton Carlisle
    August 13, 17:52 Reply

    I would love to have the transformer, I would use it to code at school via ssh it would help out to have such a portable long lasting device

  183. Jason James
    August 13, 17:54 Reply

    my classes start in two weeks! i need two tablets(one with a dock) and a powerful phone. thank you

  184. Matt Hodson
    August 13, 17:55 Reply

    Would love to have any one of them. I am not picky. Though if you make me choose it would be either tablet. Ok, ok, the Transformer. Geez.Seriously though. I would take any of them.

  185. Brent
    August 13, 17:57 Reply

    Awesome giveaway. Either the Nexus 7 or the Transformer would be my favorite. I like them all!

  186. Andy Medders
    August 13, 17:59 Reply

    HTC One X is still the best phone on the market in my opinion.

  187. Erich W
    August 13, 18:00 Reply

    nexus and android are the way to go

  188. Nathaniel
    August 13, 18:09 Reply

    The One X would be awesome, please. Having a beast of a phone would make my day. :)

  189. Cale Cunningham
    August 13, 18:09 Reply

    I’d love the One X. Though another Nexus 7 for my better half would be nice…

  190. Zach Freshman
    August 13, 18:10 Reply

    I’ll take the Nexus 7 but just to show I’m not picky, the transformer is cool too.

  191. Rich Howe
    August 13, 18:12 Reply

    I would love the Asus Transformer or the Nexus 7. My son needs his own tablet.

  192. Attreau
    August 13, 18:14 Reply

    For obvious reasons…..I would take whatever I can win…..but the Transformer would be my number one choice.

  193. Willy Morgan
    August 13, 18:28 Reply

    I really hope I win. Giveaways like these are so much fun and greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton!!!!

  194. R. Alan Harris
    August 13, 18:31 Reply

    I would like any of these great products, but Nexus 7 or Transformer would be best.

  195. gazepdapi1
    August 13, 18:35 Reply

    I’d love the HTC one X. I’ve had the G2 for a long time now and its seen better days. Thank You

  196. Doan
    August 13, 18:43 Reply

    I’ll take a Nexus 7; thanks!

  197. Matt Crane
    August 13, 18:45 Reply

    Definitely have my eye on the Nexus 7, however I would love any of these devices.

    Thanks AndroidGuys for a cool give away.


  198. Doug Fiedor
    August 13, 18:47 Reply

    I would like a Nexus 7 but and good tablet would be nice.

  199. Michael Hartpence
    August 13, 18:49 Reply

    Awesome giveaway! Right now I want the Nexus 7 most but each of them are great! :)

  200. Manuel Sanchez
    August 13, 18:50 Reply

    Epic giveaway!!! I would love an
    Asus Transformer Pad!! 😀

  201. CrankyBear
    August 13, 18:55 Reply

    I got myself the SGS3, but my wife’s phone is a POS and she would REALLY love the HTC One X!!!

  202. TMill41
    August 13, 18:55 Reply

    Oh boy do I want that nexus 7…so hot right now!

  203. William H
    August 13, 18:56 Reply

    would like the HTC one please, pretty please

  204. Joshua McCubbin
    August 13, 18:56 Reply

    I have had my eye on that ASUS Transformer for about a month now. Come on baby, daddy needs a new tablet!

  205. Christopher Oxentine
    August 13, 19:04 Reply

    I have been looking at the HTC One-X as my old Eternity is on it’s last legs.Great give away here.

  206. John Moore
    August 13, 19:06 Reply

    My 13 month old is starting to eye my Nexus 7, maybe we should give her her own. :)

  207. Clarence Krueger II
    August 13, 19:06 Reply

    Transformer would be my first chose but the Nexus 7 is nice as well. I just want a tablet bad, just not in the budget currently 😉

  208. Ryan West
    August 13, 19:18 Reply

    tossed up between the transformer and nexus 7

  209. Thomas Quintana
    August 13, 19:22 Reply

    Wow! What a great offer! I would like the Nexus 7 or the HTC One X. Thank you for the opportunity!

  210. Kehin Faux
    August 13, 19:23 Reply

    I’ll name my first child Androidguy if you pick me!!

  211. Justin Fazekas
    August 13, 19:33 Reply

    I’ve tried multiple times to integrate a tablet into my digital lifestyle. I think it’s because I’ve always gone with a 10″ form factor. Lets see if 7″ is the sweet spot.

  212. dapbmonkey4u
    August 13, 19:35 Reply

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt and seriously need a new phone I would love the HTC One X, but honestly any of these awesome prizes would be much appreciated. Hopefully I can win any of these!

  213. Peter Braun
    August 13, 19:35 Reply

    Well of course I want to win a Tegra 3 device from androidguys and nvidiategra – I am not crazy; despite the constant comments suggesting otherwise “-)
    I must confess that i will probably keep the new device – and give my existing phone to one of my trainees at Laugh Cafe in Hoi An Vietnam. We teach young Vietnamese people how to run a restaurant so that their life choices are improved. MAD Indochina is the charity.

  214. Daniel Golightly
    August 13, 19:37 Reply

    I’ve been absolutely Craving that Nexus 7 ever since I first heard of it (rumored) last year. I could really use one of these to help me finish college and break into the Android Development world.

    I would also take the Transformer… but that Nexus…. That’s just so cool and versatile

  215. Kevin M
    August 13, 19:57 Reply

    Nice contest — I’d love the transformer pad.

  216. Sebastian Encina
    August 13, 20:15 Reply

    Man, the Transformer with dock makes sense, but so does the Nexus 7 for while I am traveling through and working in Egypt. The Nexus 7 would be smaller and more convenient.

  217. John Layne
    August 13, 20:19 Reply

    I would love to get my hands on one of the tablets. It would save breaking out the ole laptop in most cases.

  218. Oscar Omar Ledezma
    August 13, 20:21 Reply

    I have my eyes set on the Asus Transformer Pad, I think it will be very useful in school!!!!!

  219. LG_Spot
    August 13, 20:29 Reply

    Would love to get my hands on Nexus 7.

  220. elsocplayer
    August 13, 20:30 Reply

    N7 please. Transformer wouldn’t be bad either! Cool giveaways btw!

  221. Michael Brooks
    August 13, 20:31 Reply

    Your generosity would be greatly appreciated if I received the Asus Transformer Pad with dock. I have always wanted a tablet. This would be a life changing experience for me.

  222. Dennis Essa
    August 13, 20:37 Reply

    Excellent! Thanks for another great giveaway. Asus Transformer pad and dock please. [I really need a new phone as my Nexus One is a little long in the tooth, but the One X would be crippled on T-Mobile; sigh. BUT, my wife could use the Transformer for work and I could then use the money budgeted for a tablet to get either a Samsung Galaxy S3, or the next big thing:)]

  223. adril
    August 13, 20:39 Reply

    I really want a nexus 7 it seems asowme with android 4.1 google now ( like siri) with nindva tegra 3 prosessor 1.2 ghz htc one x would be good to

  224. benjamin
    August 13, 20:48 Reply

    Really cool contest, AndroidGuys! It allowed me to discover this site, follow you on Twitter, etc. I would really love to win a Nexus 7. I’ve been eying it for a while and would love to experience Jelly Bean, as well as Android on a tablet–which I have yet to do. Fingers crossed!

  225. Jeff Eff
    August 13, 21:05 Reply

    I would love to have the Asus Transformer Pad + Dock!

  226. stillers21
    August 13, 21:19 Reply

    Too bad the HTC one x isn’t on sprint. Could use an update to my epic 4g even though I did just update to cyanogenmod 9 stable. I would love the transformer pad with dock. I kinda have a thing for physical keyboards

  227. legendary1022
    August 13, 21:21 Reply

    I just has surgery on my hand, this could ease some pain

  228. Nikkil
    August 13, 21:24 Reply

    Great giveaway…I have. My eye on neither the N7 or the TP.

  229. Graham Mcleod
    August 13, 21:26 Reply

    I’d love to get my hands on the HTC One X, though truth be told, I’d be thrilled with any one of the prizes. Great giveaway!

  230. James Geevarghese
    August 13, 21:28 Reply

    I would love to have the Nexus 7. Starting college this year, so this would be amazing!

  231. The Big JC
    August 13, 21:33 Reply

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win one of these!

  232. mustang8918
    August 13, 21:36 Reply

    Since I have verizon, I don’t know how well that One X would work for me but I would love to win that Transformer though. Awesome contest.

  233. spaceways
    August 13, 21:46 Reply

    If I won the Nexus 7 I would spontaneously combust with excitement. But once I was pieced back together and successfully went through many years of rehabilitation, I would fire up my Nexus 7 and would be quite happy. Quite happy indeed.

  234. Wesley Sanders
    August 13, 21:53 Reply

    Would LOVE the HTC One X. My Samsung Captivate is on its last leg.

  235. Ed Fernandez
    August 13, 21:58 Reply

    I would love the Transformer for myself, or the nexus for my fiance.

  236. KC
    August 13, 22:01 Reply

    Transformer would be awesome!

  237. Bryan Harvey
    August 13, 22:21 Reply

    Id honesty take any of them! if i had to pick though i would go with the transformer! thanks in advance android guys!

  238. myvoiceinthewind
    August 13, 22:31 Reply

    Great promotion! I would get the most use out of the Transformer, but they all are awesome!

  239. Kevin Gomes
    August 13, 22:42 Reply

    I got my eye on that transformer pad and dock so I can finally stop lugging around this heavy laptop.

  240. bekiston
    August 13, 22:44 Reply

    make my day with the transformer, pretty please!!!!!!

  241. Pratik Mishra
    August 13, 22:48 Reply

    give me the nexus please!!!! we indians like value for money!! 😛

  242. julian
    August 13, 22:49 Reply

    I’d love to win a transformer or a HTC One X please! Love the site, the layout is sweeet!

  243. Dar Devy
    August 13, 23:11 Reply

    I would love to win the Asus Transformer Pad but either the nexus 7 or the htc one x is fine too.

  244. n2sooners
    August 13, 23:16 Reply

    Just got a new phone, but I’d love a tablet.

  245. zpartal
    August 13, 23:41 Reply

    The transformer prime would be awesome!

  246. henry luwoye
    August 14, 00:31 Reply

    Hey guys. I actually need the nexus 7 or the transformer Tablet. My old hand me down windows xp laptop just forgot it’s purpose and quit working. I’m getting a new job and I need the internet. Please guys. Choose me.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  247. ucidennis
    August 14, 00:41 Reply

    This is a great giveaway. They are all good, but I’m eyeing that HTC one x.

  248. John Tobler
    August 14, 00:43 Reply

    Count me in! I’d favor the Nexus 7, but wouldn’t refuse the Transformer Pad. Either would be super for playing Galaxy on Fire 2 THD, the best space sim on Google Play for Android with Tegra!

  249. Daniel
    August 14, 00:45 Reply

    Awesome! The HTC ONE X is pretty sexy, I have my eye on her.

  250. John Rowe
    August 14, 00:48 Reply

    incredible giveaway. would love either of the Asus products, the Transformer or the Nexus 7. Seeing as it’s a giveaway if I were lucky enough I totally wouldn’t be picky!

  251. Rob Templin
    August 14, 01:05 Reply

    You want me to share it? And decrease the amount of chances I have to win a NEXUS 7?? you crazy!!

  252. Josh Hunt
    August 14, 01:07 Reply

    Would love to have the Asus Transformer!

  253. William Peterson
    August 14, 01:11 Reply

    Awesome give away. Thanks for the opportunity. Any one of the three would be great! The tablets for the two girls going into college this year or the One X for my wife who’s phone is a poc.

  254. P Annette Skeans
    August 14, 01:14 Reply

    GREAT giveaway I have wanted the Transformer prime so bad this would make my day shoot make my mth:) I would be thrilled with any though. Thanks for the chance!!!

  255. A S
    August 14, 01:34 Reply

    Looking forward to the drawing.

  256. mrplattner
    August 14, 01:35 Reply

    I missed Easter this year, so I am in desperate need of some seven inch Jelly Bean goodness!

  257. Tricia Martin
    August 14, 01:39 Reply

    I would love to win the HTC and surprise my husband with it since I washed his phone last week and killed it. >.< I know I should have checked his pockets. Who leaves their phone in their pocket and puts it in the laundry basket?! lol

  258. Adam
    August 14, 01:54 Reply

    Nexus 7, please. Thank you, drive through.

  259. Lewis Bohannon
    August 14, 02:04 Reply

    I would love any of these! But I must say I am leaning toward the Asus Transformer Pad :)

  260. The360King
    August 14, 02:10 Reply

    Would love an Asus Transformer Pad with the Dock. I’d actually want a Nexus 7 if I didn’t already have one.

  261. racer24crm
    August 14, 02:50 Reply

    Wouldn’t mind getting the transformer. Already have a nexus 7 and no need to replace my gnex with the HTC one x

  262. Alan Paone
    August 14, 03:36 Reply

    I already have the N7 so it’d be lovely to replace my old netbook with a transformer!

  263. NaturalHairLatina
    August 14, 04:33 Reply

    Small portable items that are perfect back to school and I would love to win

    Nexus 7

  264. Andre Humes
    August 14, 04:49 Reply

    I would LOVE a Nexus 7. Since I have too many toys at the moment, I’m currently not allowed to buy one. :-(

  265. Lapak Zapak
    August 14, 05:46 Reply

    I want to feel the real google experience , Nexus 7 plz………….

  266. Steve Slaughter
    August 14, 06:10 Reply

    Wow, not sure which of the 3 I would prefer….

    I guess since I already have a Nexus 7 and I am currently locked in with Verizon with a RAZR Maxx, I would lean toward the Asus Transformer Pad…..
    Although, maybe another Nexus 7 wouldn’t be so bad, then the woman might stop molesting mine if she had her own.

    Soooo, Asus Transformer pad w/ dock.

    I would happily accept any of the 3 if I win though.

  267. Jason Preu
    August 14, 06:47 Reply

    I want the Nexus 7 so I can always have the latest and greatest version of Android.

  268. Greg
    August 14, 07:28 Reply

    I’d love either the Nexus 7 or the Transformer.

  269. Steven Glickman
    August 14, 08:06 Reply

    I would love to win the Nexus 7! My wife would take the Transformer Pad before I got to play with it :-/

  270. Twig Lord
    August 14, 08:12 Reply

    Global website – competition only open to the US!!!! Come on guys – i know you might find this hard to believe, but the US isn’t the only place in the world. In fact you’re quite a small part of it. Disgruntled in Europe!

  271. Anne Parker
    August 14, 08:14 Reply

    I would love to win the Nexus 7 tablet for my daughters birthday. my names for fb and Twitter is Anne Hill and @yesgodcan.

  272. Christopher
    August 14, 08:18 Reply

    1) Asus Transformer – Computer/tablet? No-brainer with the benchmarks.
    2) Nexus 7 – I’d flash it the day I got it. Never had a tablet yet, looks oh so sweet.
    3) HTC One X – Because I’m still happy with my aokp’d Galaxy S2

  273. CopierITGuy
    August 14, 08:38 Reply

    I’d be extremely happy with all 3 of these devices. In fact, I’d probably have to quit my job and start flashing them full-time! Sounds like a plan… Pick me!

  274. Eric Matthew Woodrum
    August 14, 08:47 Reply

    Personally, I’d have to go with anything but the One X. AT&T is terrible where I live, and I just got a Galaxy S 3. But, ooo, I’d love an Asus Transformer and dock!

  275. Marque
    August 14, 08:53 Reply

    I think the Nexus 7 is going to be the first serious Android tablet out there.

  276. Robyn
    August 14, 08:58 Reply

    I have my eye on that Nexus 7, but I’ll gladly take the Asus Transformer pad 😀

  277. bengo65
    August 14, 09:00 Reply

    I would love the nexus 7 or the transformer. I’ve never owned a tablet but would like to start now.

  278. Kevin Williams
    August 14, 09:08 Reply

    i would so love a nexus 7 to go along with my brand new galaxy nexus

  279. irongamer
    August 14, 09:30 Reply

    I’m stuck with at&t. I’d love to upgrade from my old Razr v3 to a smartphone. I’m in for the HTC One X!

  280. Shercock Holmes
    August 14, 09:37 Reply

    That Nexus 7 would look really good in my small hands. It’ll really bring out my eyes.

  281. CSDeeds
    August 14, 09:49 Reply

    I’d love a Nexus 7 or a Transformer!

  282. Naik Akshay
    August 14, 09:51 Reply

    I will like to win nexus 7 because its android 4.1 and is amazing in all aspects

  283. dsuarezjr
    August 14, 09:53 Reply

    Would love a Nexus 7, would be great for my first year of college. Although the HTC One X is pretty fancy~~~

  284. phatdubs
    August 14, 10:03 Reply

    I would love a Nexus 7 thank you very much

  285. Daniel
    August 14, 10:05 Reply

    I would love pretty much any of these insane pieces of kit!!

  286. Kithanas
    August 14, 10:11 Reply

    I’d take any of the three, but I’d probably use the Asus Transformer Pad the most. Although it would be really nice if the Asus PadFone were to be upgraded to Tegra 3 with LTE.

  287. StarMenace
    August 14, 10:22 Reply

    I’d absolutely love to have the One X. Either one of the tablets wouldn’t be bad either.

  288. Matt Falber
    August 14, 10:22 Reply

    All about the Transformer of the Nexus 7 here. I kinda feel bad for the HTC One. It’s a very nice phone but HTC really needs to get in touch with what makes consumers salivate. They’re a little lost as of late. Hoping I win.

  289. Susan S.
    August 14, 10:29 Reply

    I have my eye on the Asus Transformer Pad. That would be great to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  290. Duke Beasley
    August 14, 10:35 Reply

    Me, I’d really love an unlocked One X, since I actually like HTC products (once you get rid of the Sense junk). A Nexus 7 would be a wonderful addition to my arsenal. Already have a TP, so I hope someone else wins it and enjoys it.

  291. Russell Sprague
    August 14, 10:38 Reply

    I already have a transformer, so the Nexus 7 would be nice. I really would love the one x, but I am on verizon and probably wouldn’t sign on to another carrier. But I could use it one WiFi!

  292. Max
    August 14, 10:42 Reply

    I’ve got my eye on the nexus 7. It’s all sold out everywhere!

  293. XoutlawX
    August 14, 10:43 Reply

    The Nexus 7. It’s powerful and has pure android :)

  294. ashley
    August 14, 10:49 Reply

    I’ve got my eye on all of them!

  295. Lucero Gomez
    August 14, 11:07 Reply

    I want the ASUS Transformer!!! I Really hope i get it because i need for a lot of things!!! :)

  296. Stephen
    August 14, 11:14 Reply

    I’m interested in the Nexus 7 or Asus Transformer!

  297. RichSPK
    August 14, 11:22 Reply

    I’d love the Nexus 7! I have an HTC Rezound. I love the hardware, but the developer support doesn’t seem as strong as it was for my old Incredible. CyanogenMod doesn’t support the Rezound! That’s about the only reason I’d want a different phone right now.

  298. Se7en2
    August 14, 12:03 Reply

    Would love the Nexus 7, I’m ready to upgrade from my HTC Flyer.

  299. Ray Johnson
    August 14, 12:04 Reply

    OMG This contest kicks much ass! I have been wanting the Nexus 7 tablet ever since it’s launch. It is the perfect sized tablet and would love to have it!

  300. Michelle Dale
    August 14, 12:12 Reply

    A phone would be great. Mine is dying. Good luck to all the entrants!

  301. JeffCO
    August 14, 12:19 Reply

    Well, I could use a new [insert Android-based device here]!

  302. bnetty
    August 14, 12:40 Reply

    Google Nexus 7 please – Love the small form factor for e-reading

  303. cyclejoc
    August 14, 12:47 Reply

    This may sound stupid. How do you enter a quote in Twitter? Thanks!

  304. sstair
    August 14, 12:52 Reply

    I think I’d prefer the Tranformer pad as well, although I wouldn’t turn down any of em :)

  305. Brandon Gaerlan
    August 14, 12:55 Reply

    One X plox XD omgash. Nvidia Tegra 3 1.5 GHz Quad Core with a 12 core gpu. I’m game XD

  306. Syrh Ryan Griffith
    August 14, 13:00 Reply

    here goes nothing. i’d love a nexus 7, it’d be extremely useful in my engineering classes.

  307. Adam Love
    August 14, 13:09 Reply

    I’d love to have a tablet. I’m looking next for the first quad core phone on Verizon.

  308. Scott Barber
    August 14, 13:09 Reply

    I would love to win the Nexus 7! I am going to start doing some development and do not wanna ruin my phone in the process. Also it would be nice to be able to take my heavy school books with me in one light package.

  309. Debbie
    August 14, 13:19 Reply

    Asus, Asus, Asus…quality products with good warranties. I’ll take the tablet and dock. Thanks Android Guys.

  310. kingofdwarfs
    August 14, 13:19 Reply

    Oh man, I would love to have a Nexus 7. Much better than the Nexus 6

  311. Phillip S.
    August 14, 14:33 Reply

    I would love the Transformer pad. Of course I would take any of these.

  312. Wietrzycki
    August 14, 15:12 Reply

    I would love to get the Nexus 7. This device is not available in my country, so let me win please. Could you? :)

  313. Cody
    August 14, 15:15 Reply

    Most interested in that Transformer Pad. Wouldn’t need a laptop anymore, and it seems super light.

  314. Jonathan Hunt
    August 14, 15:21 Reply

    I’ve been looking at the Nexus 7, but would certainly love an HTC One X as a development platform for my mobile apps.

  315. crocopter
    August 14, 16:00 Reply

    that htc one x looks beautiful…I’ll take it!

  316. ianmccully
    August 14, 16:17 Reply

    i have my eyes on the nexus 7 or the Asus Transformer pad thanks.

  317. Sean Biefeld
    August 14, 16:26 Reply

    Asus transformer pad or HTC One would do just fine by me!

  318. Patrick Lowry
    August 14, 17:00 Reply

    I always thought the Transformer pads were cool but I’ve had my eye on the Nexus 7 recently.

  319. Bryan Tran
    August 14, 17:22 Reply

    Loving Android, hope I can replace my old phone by winning!

  320. Kevin
    August 14, 17:24 Reply

    The transformer pad sounds pretty sweet. I would really go for the Nexus 7 as well.

  321. Lee Nightingale
    August 14, 17:33 Reply

    I’d love all of them to be honest as they all have something good to offer

  322. Riz
    August 14, 18:06 Reply

    Having HTC’s from last 5 years, so love to own
    HTC One X

  323. DaveB
    August 14, 18:36 Reply

    I like the N7 and TPad. My son wants a One X more than any other phone.

  324. Sean
    August 14, 19:09 Reply

    I really need a new phone. I would love the HTC One X! I am currently android-less and desperate for an android device!

  325. burpootus
    August 14, 20:15 Reply

    Would really love the Transformer to compare it to my Nexus 7!

  326. Keyan X
    August 14, 21:01 Reply

    Honestly, i have my eye on the Transformer tablet. Being in college and having a crappy computer that overheats all the time is no fun, especially when you don’t have money to fix it or buy a new one. I would love to let the Transformer take a major load of my laptop and maybe even become my main device. Now the Nexus 7 and One X are GREAT devices, but I spy with my little eyes, the Transformer Pad

  327. NateDooley
    August 14, 21:15 Reply

    I’ll go for the Transformer Pad and dock, thank you.

  328. Amber
    August 14, 22:06 Reply

    I would love this, i bought my husband one for christmas last year it is awesome.

  329. Josh
    August 14, 22:15 Reply

    My wife would love a tablet!!!

  330. helenlam
    August 14, 23:59 Reply

    I’d love any of them, but the Transformer pad looks fantastic!

  331. davidintel
    August 15, 00:58 Reply

    Looking for a 10″ tablet from Amazon or Google at a reasonable price.

  332. Brian Middleton
    August 15, 02:30 Reply

    if i were to win the x one would be awesome since my current phone is freaking out on me and wont allow for caps or punctuation other than periods. its weird. if not that i would love the nexus because it would be more portable.

  333. snoopdobb
    August 15, 03:10 Reply

    New stuff is fun and exciting. I hope I win. :)

  334. snoopdobb
    August 15, 03:11 Reply

    I hope I win. The transformer prime is a sick device.

  335. Clive Rennison
    August 15, 03:30 Reply

    Have the one x and it’s awesome, don’t currently own a tab but really want the transformer. I hope I win :)

  336. Stephan
    August 15, 05:58 Reply

    Wow, give me the Asus Transformer Pad and Dock! Good luck to all.

  337. Abel Paz
    August 15, 06:00 Reply

    I really need a Nexus 7 to survive!! xD

  338. Nick V
    August 15, 06:54 Reply

    The Nexus 7 is such an awesome size for reading on the go. I would definitely give this to my mother if I won.

  339. sta27
    August 15, 07:34 Reply

    The Asus Transformer is cool!

  340. Nikhil Johnson
    August 15, 07:43 Reply

    HTC One X, the killer of all smartphones…!!
    I wish I could win :)

  341. Casper2287
    August 15, 08:44 Reply

    Android guys rocks here’s too wishing I could win go android apple everything sux

  342. Donald Melanson
    August 15, 08:53 Reply

    Would love a Nexus 7. is always bookmarked on toolbar

  343. mike grady
    August 15, 09:15 Reply

    My wifes K1 just died yesterday so this would be wonderful to with this.

  344. Nicholas Rynjah
    August 15, 09:58 Reply

    I’m a big fan of the transformer series of android tablets …but could never afford to buy one ….so fingers crossed …hope I win one instead.

  345. Noushin
    August 15, 10:37 Reply

    Oooh I wanna win so bad! Would be fantastic to finally get an android phone :)

  346. J0e_Scmoe
    August 15, 10:57 Reply

    I’m most interested in the Nexus 7, it’s a good size for tablet functions but still fits in a small bag.

  347. servo36
    August 15, 12:03 Reply

    I would love to have one, my G2 is getting rusty.

  348. groove
    August 15, 12:24 Reply

    Ooh HTC One X. One hot powerful device.

  349. Poppy 33
    August 15, 12:42 Reply

    I have a Nexus 7 and it is awesome , the best tablet I have ever used. Dont know if the Transformer pad could give me any more joy but really want one or another Nexus 7 for my wife because I am not giving up my Nexus 7 even if I win the prime. GREAT contest guys, I give you 10 stars and a lot of respect.

  350. JBC6WC
    August 15, 13:22 Reply

    The Nexus 7 would be pretty cool.

  351. Lyndsy Dailey
    August 15, 13:27 Reply

    That One X is a pretty hot phone. Wouldn’t hurt to have one :)

  352. vanetoj
    August 15, 13:30 Reply

    i want a transformer pad or nexus 7

  353. rough_cut
    August 15, 13:47 Reply

    One X would be excellent! So would that nexus 7

  354. Heather B
    August 15, 13:50 Reply

    Please please let me win the HTC One X. . .

  355. Carolyn Carter
    August 15, 14:24 Reply

    I have my eye on the nexus 7, would love to win one! Would be happy with any of them though. :)

  356. Vito
    August 15, 14:37 Reply

    I’ve got my eyes on a nexus 7 because I’d love to have an Android tablet with that form factor and jelly bean!

  357. anjiecai
    August 15, 14:40 Reply

    these are all amazing devices :( it’s hard to choose which one i like better. HTC has always had amazing feel to the phone. Samsung needs to up their SAMOLED tech man

  358. Alan
    August 15, 14:43 Reply

    I really like the Nexus 7.

  359. Doolster
    August 15, 14:52 Reply

    I need the Transformer pad to replace my old laptop.

  360. Ryan Cason Waller
    August 15, 15:29 Reply

    Liking the Nexus 7 with GPS for running MX Mariner with onboard GPS as a offshore chart plotter…Awesome!!!

  361. Grahaman27
    August 15, 15:48 Reply

    Want one… it be great if Christmas came early!

  362. Andrew
    August 15, 17:05 Reply

    hope i win the nexus7, but the transformer pad is awesome too . this would be my 1st android device!!

  363. Richard Clark
    August 15, 18:02 Reply

    HTC One X has no SD card, Transformer has a pause bug when updating, would like to try the Nexus 7 to compare

  364. kminer1
    August 15, 18:07 Reply

    Wonderful giveaway! Nexus7 is awesome…thank you

  365. Alicia Hunt
    August 15, 18:23 Reply

    My family is trying to get me to switch from iphone to android. This would probably help!

  366. bigglstyle
    August 15, 18:28 Reply

    I wanna win a Tegra 3 device from @androidguys and @nvidiategra #AGTegra3!

  367. Charles Spivak
    August 15, 19:28 Reply

    Great contest! I have my eye on either tablet, however wining anything is awesome. Crossing fingers!

  368. tmoobc
    August 15, 19:47 Reply

    I have my eye on the Nexus 7.

  369. shug0
    August 15, 20:42 Reply

    u really hope to win a nexus 7 (or asus transformer). i wanted to get an android tablet for so long now and i think nexus 7 is the ideal tablet for everyday use.

  370. Sean Cronin
    August 15, 22:28 Reply

    I’ve actually got my eye on the Nexus 7 for the wife. That way she can stop touching mine!

  371. Da Billis
    August 15, 23:37 Reply

    Yes, yes, and yes. But the Transformer Pad really peaks my interest!

  372. vremennyi
    August 16, 01:51 Reply

    I’m in) I really like this awesome HTC One X =) wantwantwant)

  373. Miwand Popal
    August 16, 02:53 Reply

    I want that nexus 7 because it’s the first tablet that has made me WOW.

  374. Jan Sun
    August 16, 08:08 Reply

    One of these android cuties will make my day ! good job guys

  375. Harmonica
    August 16, 09:28 Reply

    Would like to get some project butter smoothness and tegra speed by winning a nexus 7!

  376. William Seppeler
    August 16, 10:33 Reply

    Although I stand a better chance of being struck by lighting, I stand in the path of the storm casting all fear aside. Raising my hand in the wind I declare, “I want to win that Nexus 7!”

  377. John
    August 16, 10:46 Reply

    Would love the transformer pad!

  378. omeganot
    August 16, 10:51 Reply

    Not knowing which Transformer Pad that is (and I’m too lazy to search beyond the official post) I’d have to say I’ll take the Nexus 7 please. =)

  379. Janell Durr
    August 16, 12:55 Reply

    I would love to have any piece of new technology

  380. Mapekz
    August 16, 13:03 Reply

    As a developer I would love the Nexus 7 to test my apps on a 7″ tablet form factor.

  381. Nick D
    August 16, 13:31 Reply

    I would really love to get my hands on the Nexus 7.

  382. Debbie Petch
    August 16, 13:52 Reply

    Nexus 7! I will take just about anything because I have no gadgets! Thanks

  383. jbreakfield
    August 16, 14:29 Reply

    I want a Nexus 7!! That would be Awesome!
    But I would also love to have any of these three devices!

  384. James Forbes
    August 16, 15:13 Reply

    I have a nexus 7, but my wife is jealous.. I think I’d like to get her one. And the HTC One X would nicely round out my Android arsenal..

  385. Tyler Pittman
    August 16, 17:59 Reply

    Any one of these prizes would be awesome, but I’m especially interested in the Nexus 7.

  386. Nate Woodard
    August 16, 23:35 Reply

    I’d like to win the
    Asus Transformer Pad and Mobile Dock.

  387. lilcledix
    August 17, 03:32 Reply

    I would like the transformer pad and mobile dock

  388. Safir
    August 17, 07:29 Reply

    I’d love any of them would I win! Although a device with a bigger screen would be nice. :)

  389. Josh Cooley
    August 17, 11:09 Reply

    My birthday is coming up and I’d love to win one.

  390. ♥ £0V3R ß0Y ♥
    August 17, 11:55 Reply

    I love what android is offering compared to others! But I don’t own one yet. Wish I could get that Google Nexus 7! :-)

  391. Brandon Mullins
    August 17, 12:50 Reply

    I would love to have ANY of these devices, and the 31st is my 40th birthday! … boy do i feel old…

  392. Ben Roberts
    August 17, 13:31 Reply

    I’ve had my eye on the Nexus 7 since i first heard about it. I don’t really have the scratch to spare unfortunately, times are really tight. If I don’t win it I’m just going to try to convince all my friends to pitch in to get me one.. haha.

  393. Zoide
    August 17, 15:47 Reply

    I would love to win the contest!

  394. Delia
    August 17, 15:51 Reply

    Well, I don’t have a Facebook.. can I still be entered if I tweet and follow you guys? 😛

    Honestly, I’ve been after the Asus transformer since the first version came out.. I always thought it was pretty nice looking and I love how the keyboard can be attached and… well, unattached. It seems it might be strong enough to serve as a laptop, which is pretty much what I’m looking for in a tablet.

  395. Francis Scardino
    August 17, 16:09 Reply

    it’s a toss up for me on the transformer and the One X, I wouldn’t mind a complete laptop replacement.

  396. Scott Hill
    August 17, 16:38 Reply

    I would like to see what all the hype is about the nexus 7.:-)

  397. Abhinav
    August 17, 16:51 Reply

    I hope I win my first Android device here :)

  398. Spidercheck
    August 17, 17:55 Reply

    I would like to see the nexus 7 and see how powerful it is lol

  399. ropes
    August 17, 18:09 Reply

    Would take anything, but most interested in the Transformer Pad thanks

  400. Lambo_21
    August 17, 19:21 Reply

    oh oh man any of these would help with college! edit as i just reread it: ANY OF THEM WOULD BE AMAZING

  401. Ross Mclardy
    August 17, 19:24 Reply

    Awesome! Good luck peeps. Hope I win summat. I never win owt!

  402. Jean-Patrick Dye
    August 17, 19:25 Reply

    I am moving to Europe, and need a phone to replace my sad little LG Envy :) the HTC looks good to me right now.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  403. Regina Elliott
    August 17, 19:29 Reply

    I would like to have all 3 because they are great devices ! its hard to pick among them ,but if i have to i would pick the Transformer pad , good luck everyone !

  404. Dan Rogers
    August 17, 19:30 Reply

    I would really love the Transformer Pad but the One X would be pretty cool too. ^_^

  405. Max
    August 17, 19:31 Reply

    Here’s to my thrhid chance. Any one of these will make me happy, but I’m definitely looking at the nexus 7 for school :)

  406. TheFirstUniverseKing
    August 17, 19:43 Reply

    I want the Asus Transformer Pad the most, but a Nexus 7 would also be sweet to have!

  407. erikiksaz
    August 17, 19:50 Reply

    Totally have my eyes on either of the three, but the TF pad the most!

  408. CaptainHowdy13
    August 17, 20:05 Reply

    I’d be happy with even one of these. But I’ll gladly take all of them 😉

  409. Luke
    August 17, 20:27 Reply

    I love contests. Hopefully I can win one for a change! What I’d most love to own would be the One X. I’ve seen the Super LCD 2 display in person and it is a stunner. I’d also like to have the Transformer Pad with it’s also great display, but a phone would be more useful.

  410. DAsh
    August 17, 20:56 Reply

    I would love that tablet!

  411. Ed Chen
    August 17, 20:57 Reply

    The Asus Transformer Pad would probably be the device I’d like the most as it’s a suitable laptop replacement while having an extraordinarily long battery life.

  412. Jack Hoffman
    August 17, 20:59 Reply

    The Transformer Pad has my eye for a laptop replacement for the wife (and convert her from iOS), but also I love the idea of Tegra3 in the N7.

  413. Mas21
    August 17, 20:59 Reply

    Either tablet for me, please.

  414. Jonathan Bunch
    August 17, 21:13 Reply

    I would love anything from the giveaway but I’ve been eyeballing that nexus 7

  415. Roman Baev
    August 17, 22:10 Reply

    I would like the Nexus 7, or the Transformer, or anything…

  416. Joey Malcomb
    August 17, 22:28 Reply

    It’d be awesome to upgrade from a Droid X to a One X, but I’d gladly take either of the tablets as well.

  417. Zaatour36
    August 17, 23:50 Reply

    I would love to get my hands on the Nexus 7, it’s so portable yet powerful! ohh I wanna play Shadowgun THD on it so bad!


  418. Federico Fuggitti
    August 18, 00:29 Reply

    hey Guys, I definitely like the design and performance of the HTC One X… Good Luck everyone!!

  419. lamarbowen
    August 18, 00:53 Reply

    Now this is just sweet!!! Thank you for the chance :)

  420. James Phelps
    August 18, 01:11 Reply

    i love me a Transformer.. if you know what im sayin’ *wink wink*

  421. Debbie Petch
    August 18, 02:13 Reply

    I liked it your facebook page and shared it! Thanks.

  422. Corey Smith
    August 18, 08:39 Reply

    Following on Twitter as corrsfan99 and on FB. The tab I most have my eye on is the transformer line.

  423. Morgan Copeland
    August 18, 09:21 Reply

    I bought my wife an android tablet for her birthday…now i’m jealous. The Asus would take care of most of my needs for a new computer. The nexus 7 just looks amazing!

  424. threerandomwords
    August 18, 09:48 Reply

    I would want the Nexus or the Transformer pad, just really want a tablet.

  425. Todd Wolf
    August 18, 10:21 Reply

    Been looking for a GSM phone. I’m trying to switch out of Sprint. The service is just awful in Columbus, and with no sign of LTE in the immediate future, it’s just not worth the wait. The N7 would be nice too! :)

  426. Ditto
    August 18, 11:00 Reply

    The Nexus 7 look really cool :) Count me in for any of the three. Liked and shared on FB and tweeted.

  427. Adam
    August 18, 11:47 Reply

    Really have my eye on the Transformer. Such a great line of devices.

  428. dvschnk
    August 18, 12:51 Reply

    As much as I like the nexus 7, I think I would have to choose the transformer pad. It just offers a whole lot more.

  429. venkata
    August 18, 15:33 Reply

    Yet another contest and yet another try. I love the nexus for price and the product. Or is it just because it just will fullfil my immediate needs! By the way i like the Transformer too. For the time being i guess i can afford to buy a nexus in 6 months if i save enough!

  430. Seth Brisendine
    August 18, 16:19 Reply

    I would really love to win the Nexus 7, but honestly id take any of these devices!

  431. Ajm Maldnodano
    August 18, 17:23 Reply

    That htc one x has me drooling but at the same time the transformer pad just got updated to teh JELLY BEAN!!!!!!!! i would love both but if i had to chose i would take htc one x as a phone in most cases is going to be much more used than a tablet.

  432. Michael Wright
    August 18, 17:30 Reply

    Any one of these awesome devices would make my year complete

  433. anon2anon
    August 18, 19:16 Reply

    I’d love to win the unlocked HTC! People always ask me, “Is that a smart phone?” My response is, “No, unfortunately it needs tutoring!” The Nexus looks great, too ~ so either one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win!

  434. Emma Peel
    August 18, 23:36 Reply

    Transformer with a capital ‘T’, I Follow AndroidGuys on Twitter and tweeted @Emma__Peel

  435. EQLuvsIndy
    August 19, 02:02 Reply

    I would love to win the Googl Nexus 7. It makes all ther 7inch tablets look like rookies. It has one of the fastest processors in the mini tablet world. Tgfg(thank god for google)

  436. awundrin
    August 19, 02:07 Reply

    The transformer pad would be amazing but hey, so would the nexus!

  437. Carlos Moreno
    August 19, 05:14 Reply

    Oh please please let me win something this time. Good luck everyone!

  438. Benjamin Vogt
    August 19, 12:50 Reply

    I’m so far behind on tech stuff, and the Nexus 7 seems like a dream for me to dip my toes back in to the waters of modern life. I’m anxious to try this device and stop being made fun of by my friends.

  439. Ellen L
    August 19, 14:50 Reply

    Would love an Android! Thanks for offering this great contest!

  440. cee
    August 19, 15:08 Reply

    the HTC one x…. OMG.. bestest B’day gift ever and bring me into the 21st century.

  441. Erik Kimmey
    August 19, 16:32 Reply

    I would love to have the Asus Transformer but I will also take the Nexus.

  442. Teri Lynn Jeffers
    August 19, 18:39 Reply

    I would really love to win the Nexus 7, but I think all Android products are divine!

  443. Pedro Moreno
    August 19, 23:46 Reply

    I’ve actually been drooling over the Asus transformer Pad. Being a student and a gamer I really like the idea of a portable gaming system that I can do homework on. Between full time work and full time school I’m always on teh go and rarely have time to stay home and do those things. I’ve been lugging around a Acer Aspire one for 2 years now and its time for a much needed upgrade.

  444. Jared Watson
    August 20, 06:09 Reply

    Love to be able to test my web sites with these three devices!

  445. Rob S.
    August 20, 10:20 Reply

    I’m still on an htc Magic and am in serious need of an upgrade…

  446. Keil Hunsaker
    August 20, 19:29 Reply

    Looking forward to any but especially the transformer and dock.

  447. MaryWithrow
    August 21, 00:21 Reply

    This is really Awesome! I would be happy! : )
    Thanks Guys!

  448. brionte
    August 21, 02:21 Reply

    I would love to the HTC One X for my brother. His birthday is September 7. He would be so happy.

  449. Michael Schappel
    August 21, 04:28 Reply

    I’d love to get my hands on that nexus because my gf would love it!

  450. Carlos
    August 21, 10:49 Reply

    To be honest, any of the three awesome gadgets would be such a treat to win! Well, if I can get all three I think my head will burst for the sheer awesomeness of that moment, but since I won’t function at all if that happens, I’ll be fine with any of the three. But since you’re really persistent, I’ll take the HTC One X please! 😀

  451. Sushant Parab
    August 21, 11:53 Reply

    I like to have a nexus 7.
    The reason is I have LG Optimus one from a year and I do android development at my free time but due to budget I can’t afford nexus also it is not neatly available in India.all my friends updating there gadgets and I left with p500.
    Anyway,nexus is great tab and I liked to have it

  452. sleepyazn5
    August 22, 01:04 Reply

    Transformer would be fantastic…. this laptop takes about 5 trys to boot up every day…

  453. Jim Jones
    August 22, 10:39 Reply

    I’d love to win a Nexus 7. I help my wife with her blog and have a podcast and it looks like a great device to stay connected at conventions.

  454. YariCavi
    August 22, 11:41 Reply

    O man I would really like the Asus Transformer Pad and Mobile Dock!

  455. valman
    August 23, 01:14 Reply

    i reall want a new phone please, mine is messing up. I WANT AN HTC ONE X, I WANT AN HTC ONE X, I WANT AN HTC ONE X !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Android!!!!

  456. Matthew Johnston
    August 23, 12:14 Reply

    Looking at getting a new tablet. I keep hoping for something like a Nexus 10.

  457. Jake
    August 23, 13:10 Reply

    Maybe one thing in my life will go right this month.. fingers crossed!

  458. Grant Moy
    August 23, 14:11 Reply

    The HTC One X would cover all my multimedia needs. However, the Asus Transformer would beat having to carrying around a heavy laptop for class.

  459. Brett Besa
    August 23, 14:31 Reply

    As a returning college student, an Asus Transformer Pad would really fit my needs, so I would love it if Android Guys saw it fit to bestow such a gift upon me

  460. LinuxDanish
    August 23, 14:47 Reply

    Love the transformer pad! though the nexus 7 with jelly bean isn’t bad either :)

  461. Susan Smith
    August 23, 15:51 Reply

    I’ve been looking at the Nexus for a while now. I would love to have one!

  462. Joseph Murphy
    August 23, 17:10 Reply

    Hey that sounds awesome! That would like make my month or school year even!

  463. Marc Fisher Jr.
    August 23, 17:13 Reply

    I would love the Asus w/ dock for school and work. i work retail and this would help keep my documents on the sales floor with me and keyboard for longer battery life and faster note taking at manager meetings. I also do online classes and the ability to do it on a portable tablet with great batter life would be awesome.

  464. Mark Brown
    August 23, 17:30 Reply

    I would quite like the Transformer due to it’s mobility and laptop like dock.

  465. Deedee Assaad
    August 23, 22:08 Reply

    My boyfriend loves his nexus 7. And I’d love to upgrade my original galaxy tab

  466. Gaurav K
    August 23, 22:58 Reply

    I would love to win a Nexus 7. Think it’ll go well with my Galaxy Nexus

  467. John Budge
    August 24, 00:26 Reply

    The Transformer looks super sweet, and the Nexus 7 is pretty badass too. I love my GNex too much to give it up any other phone!

  468. Brian Wingert
    August 24, 03:41 Reply

    I’m digging the transformer prime so much and the nexus 7…gotta pair my galaxy Nexus with another awesome device and would be an awesome birthday present (since my b day is amusingly when this contest ends)

  469. Shiney
    August 24, 13:11 Reply

    I would love the HTC one x .

  470. sean
    August 24, 23:02 Reply

    I’m aiming for the HTC One X because it is such a beauty….

  471. Peter Huynh Dien
    August 24, 23:21 Reply

    It’d be awesome to get the Transformer as I have no way of enjoying some Tegra games for myself bought on my brothers tablet.

  472. Micah McElhaney
    August 25, 00:27 Reply

    That would be awesome to have! please help me, Im 19 and I need a phone pronto. much needed

  473. Maxopr
    August 25, 10:13 Reply

    Nice giveaway. Would love any of them. Thanks guys.

  474. AM
    August 25, 16:18 Reply

    Wheeee! I like freer!

  475. Mary Reed
    August 25, 17:15 Reply

    I really could used this to help stimulate my husband brain, you see have the beginning of Alzheimer. The Doctor said use any kind of activities to stimulate his brains. This would be great!

  476. Guest
    August 25, 23:59 Reply

    PS: But a transformer pad would be HOT!

  477. agnewmicheal
    August 26, 05:42 Reply

    I really would love to win any of these. Great promotion keep up the great work

  478. Chris Martinez
    August 26, 06:55 Reply

    Android all the way, baby! I’ve got my eye on the HTC one x!

  479. Agustin Lee
    August 26, 08:48 Reply

    Own the Nexus 7, would love a transformer pad, but phone is 2 years old. Would love to upgrade with that awesome HTC One X.

  480. Catreena Quinn
    August 26, 10:08 Reply

    I’ve had my eyes on a Transformer pad for a while, but recently, I’ve been interested in the Nexus 7! Either of these devices would stuff my Android cravings for a while :p

  481. dezymond
    August 26, 13:46 Reply

    The Nexus 7 could be my best friend for my last semester of college. Many eBooks are planned for this device, many many textbooks

  482. Alex
    August 27, 10:14 Reply

    Really hoping for that transformer

  483. Daniel McClure
    August 27, 16:49 Reply

    Y’know – all of those devices would just be awesome but I’m really looking at that Nexus 7 – Times is tight right now and even though “the price is right”, it’s still a little out of my league at the moment.

    Thanks for doing this guys! Fingers crossed!

  484. Gnuuub
    August 28, 00:01 Reply

    after being taunted by coworker showing off his new Transformer, i realize i must win this drawing.

  485. Epiphone_74
    August 28, 06:28 Reply

    Would love to win any of the above… thanks android Guys….

  486. Jeff Williams
    August 28, 12:39 Reply

    Nexus7 will be a great, easily portable way to share photographs

  487. Joshua Richards
    August 29, 02:22 Reply

    I’d love to win one of these. I’m working on a android app that will use nfc to pair, create a bluetooth connection and allow some remote functionality, and this would be perfect to have.

  488. Mark Leier
    August 29, 07:12 Reply

    I would love to win the Asus Transformer. If I win the Transformer, I might be willing to give Android another chance, and forgo a Windows 8 based tablet. As much as I have read about the Transformer, I need a chance to use it.

  489. Eduardo Gueiros
    August 29, 12:06 Reply

    I have my eyes on the ** Nexus 7 ** Desperately need one for development :)

  490. zark0000
    August 29, 13:10 Reply

    Man I’d like to get my hands on a One X

  491. Patrick
    August 29, 16:15 Reply

    I would live to have a transformer! That would be a great first tablet!

  492. Justin Polizzi
    August 29, 16:17 Reply

    This is a great giveaway guys! Iv’e always wanted a tablet, the transformer would do me good. But then again the nexus 7 would too! :)

  493. MyNameIsLOS
    August 29, 17:02 Reply

    The transformer pad and dock would be a nice combo at school. And for fun too!

  494. JonScott99
    August 29, 17:33 Reply

    Just got robbed 3 days ago and they stole my tablet and my phone, good thing my desktop was to much to take, so I could really use the HTC.

  495. legacystar
    August 29, 17:57 Reply

    I’m not picky all sound great! Would like the nexus 7 though!

  496. kl713
    August 29, 18:50 Reply

    Would love any of the Android devices!

  497. Julio Rivera
    August 29, 20:01 Reply

    The Transformer pad would really come in handy for school this semester.

  498. Jen Mac
    August 29, 21:17 Reply

    Already have a Galaxy Nexus, so no need for the HTC One. But the Asus Transformer pad or the Nexus 7 would be great!

  499. surfn madness
    August 30, 07:26 Reply

    I have a TF101 and love it. This would be a great addition.

  500. Larry W
    August 30, 10:02 Reply

    Transformers, more than meets the eye!

  501. Mark Coey
    August 30, 11:19 Reply

    I only came here because I listened to the podcast today! I don’t own a tablet and I’ve had my eye on a Nexus one since it came out. I’m learning to program Android and I think the Nexus would be a perfect machine to develope for.

  502. Kenji O
    August 30, 11:54 Reply

    I really want a Nexus 7. I’m looking for something more portable and after talking with some folks about it, I’m absolutely sold that I need one. I think it would make my life complete.

  503. Luca Lepori
    August 30, 12:15 Reply

    I definitely have my eye on the Nexus 7 – for work and entertainment. Android FTW!

  504. Jason Swanby
    August 30, 14:09 Reply

    I’ve been eyeing the Nexus for the past few days, but I wouldn’t complain about the Transformer either. I need a cheaper way to get textbooks for college!

  505. Gina
    August 30, 16:03 Reply

    Can’t remember if I entered but I want to make sure! :)

  506. EB
    August 30, 16:05 Reply

    I just went back to college for the first time in years and would love a Nexus 7 for note-taking/help in class. Unfortunately, my money is maxed out on tuition. Please pick me! —Brokeashellstudent.

  507. CoryDobak
    August 30, 16:06 Reply

    The Transformer and dock would make portable Android-ing so much easier!

  508. Matolan
    August 30, 16:09 Reply

    I would love the Transformer Pad and Dock. Please pick me

  509. Michael Epstein
    August 30, 16:11 Reply

    I’ve never owned a high-end Android smartphone. I would like the HTC One X! I hear it’s so amazing but its way too out of my price range.

  510. AndroidCoder
    August 30, 16:12 Reply

    I would really love that Asus Transformer pad and the dock. I really need a tablet for college, for textbooks.Also being vp of the honor council means I need something to keep my notes in and my agenda. So that’s the one i’m hoping I get 😀

  511. M Bayaa
    August 30, 16:12 Reply

    I would love the Nexus 7, good luck to all!

  512. Eric Camil Jr
    August 30, 16:15 Reply

    I’d love the nexus 7, granted I’d be extremely happy and get a ton out of use of the Transformer or even a new phone (and a really nice one at that!)

  513. Colin Dean
    August 30, 16:17 Reply

    A spare Nexus 7 for my girlfriend would be great, or the HTC One X to replace her Sensation 4G 😉

  514. David Rosen
    August 30, 16:22 Reply

    Honestly even though I returned my One X because of the multitasking, by now I think there’s probably some good enough ROMs that I want a new one! :-) Followed by a Nexus 7 and then the Transformer… But I’ll take what I can get :-)

  515. !xY !
    August 30, 16:28 Reply

    I am looking forward to win Transformer Pad. Because I need a device with bigger screen. I even don’t mind if I win Nexus 7. Either of the two would be fine.

  516. Britney Anderson
    August 30, 16:31 Reply

    The Google Nexus tablet is one of the best tablets out there! It’s powerful, it’s fun, and I would love to own one. Thanks AndroidGuys for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  517. Ryan Clitty
    August 30, 16:37 Reply

    I would love to get my hands on the Nexus 7!! That thing looks like an iPad killer!!

  518. Kenneth Pawlik
    August 30, 17:11 Reply

    I would love to start an Android arsenal with these amazing devices. I really want to replace my HTC One S with a One X! Plus, I need a replacement Nexus 7 since mine was lifted out of my truck!

  519. Zoide
    August 30, 17:19 Reply

    I’d love an HTC One X!

  520. Scott Hutton
    August 30, 17:43 Reply

    I’m torn. I’d love the Nexus 7 or the Transformer Pad.

  521. Alex Bergeron
    August 30, 17:48 Reply

    I would love the Transformer Pad, 😀 with it ill be able to show my clients my portfolio, and maximize its full potential!!!

    ~Alex B

  522. Andrew St. Clair
    August 30, 17:52 Reply

    I’d love the Asus Transformer Pad but would be very happy winning the Nexus 7. Hell, if the HTC One X works on Verizon, I’ll even take that! Thanks in advance!

  523. RichS
    August 30, 18:01 Reply

    I would love the Nexus 7 or the Transformer

  524. Dariane
    August 30, 18:28 Reply

    I’ve been wanting the Transformer Pad for a while, that is until the Nexus 7 was released. But honestly, I would be VERY happy with either. :]

  525. Patrick Mahoney
    August 30, 19:46 Reply

    It’s a big competition between the One and the Nexus 7, but I think I’d rather the One!

  526. Keri0527
    August 30, 20:07 Reply

    The One X is awesome but I have VZW so I would be ecstatic to win the transformer or the nexus 7. I love Asus! Android guys are awesome!

  527. jeepguy04
    August 30, 21:44 Reply

    I have my eyes on the next nexus that is released

  528. Alfred Peterson
    August 30, 22:08 Reply

    I would absolutely love either the HTC One X, or the Transformer Pad. I would certainly be happy either way!

  529. Lady Di
    August 30, 22:39 Reply

    I know I’ve been screaming “I want the HTC One X” since I read the specs on it. But that Transformer looks really sweet and the mobile dock sounds nice too. And so does the Nexus 7. Oh this is hard….

    I’m a lady and allowed to be easily confused. SMILES PAD me, if I am the winner!!

    PS – Thank you for this contest “Android Guys”. I’m JUST seeing it. 😉

  530. takabanana
    August 30, 23:43 Reply

    I love sashimi. But I also would love the Transformer Pad + dock, although not as tasty as sashimi.

  531. Otniel Ruelas
    August 31, 00:14 Reply

    I would like any of the 3, 1) Nexus 7, 2) transformer 3) one x

  532. Charlie
    August 31, 00:16 Reply

    The Transformer Pad would be spectabulous!

  533. Robert Hale
    August 31, 03:24 Reply

    Would like to replace my captivate or nook with one of these. Want to see jellybean on a real machine. Slimrom and paranoid Android are a blessing.

    • Scott Webster
      September 01, 10:37 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won the Nexus 7! Email Scott for details.

  534. MI95SHO
    August 31, 08:36 Reply

    The Nexus 7 for me. :) Pure Android goodness

  535. Janette Quiroz
    August 31, 10:25 Reply

    I’m a true tech Geek and love gaming but my husband and I had to close our long time family business in April. I have promised my 3 boys a similar device because they too, like their mom, are true tech geeks…. Including my autistic son. The gaming we do inspires him to draw the game characters and he is AMAZING. This would just blow them away (= signed, @SFECorvette on Twitter Love my boys!

  536. Jeff
    August 31, 11:05 Reply

    I would love to take that Transformer Pad!

  537. P T
    August 31, 11:53 Reply

    I need to win the nexus 7 for the love of humanity.

  538. JW Glass
    August 31, 12:46 Reply

    Would love that Nexus or Transformer!

  539. Kat
    August 31, 15:25 Reply

    I would love any of the three devices, but the ASUS Transformer peaks my interest most.

  540. Jason Ehma
    August 31, 16:46 Reply

    I’d absolutely love to have a camping trip with my son in our backyard (like the commercial) with a NEXUS 7 !!!

  541. Donna Leigh
    August 31, 18:10 Reply

    I would -LOVE- the Asus Transformer Pad.

    My netbook that I use for school broke and all I have left is this clumpidy junkidy peanut buttery Toshiba lap top that weighs apprx 8000 pounds, and I’m pretty sure it was unveiled to the public in 1801 by George Washington. Any whose your daddy….If I had an Asus Transformer Pad, I may be able to get my school work done in a timely fashion and get to bed at a reasonable hour to avoid the chest pains of old technology…..Or maybe just done in time to kick back have a beer and read every single AndroidGuys post ever posted. =) @Plum_Lovin <—-Yep, That's me! =) Thank You come again! Exits are here, here, here and here!

  542. Evan Fassbender
    August 31, 22:22 Reply

    Hey awesome contest! My Toshiba laptop recently took a crap on me, of course right before school is scheduled to start, and I would absolutely LOVE the Asus Transformer Pad and Mobile Dock. As someone who works two part-time jobs and will also be attending 300 level classes at UW-Milwaukee, I just hope that if I don’t win this contest that another hard-working college student will!

  543. ElleBriarson
    August 31, 22:26 Reply

    that nexus7 would really make this semester fly by! following on facebook & twitter!

  544. Nazim Lachter
    September 04, 14:19 Reply

    Owh ! There many things to like and tweet for winning :) It’s cool !

  545. Nathan Powell
    September 25, 15:13 Reply

    My mom really wants a Nexus 7, so it’d be nice if I could win that for her…

  546. Ben
    October 11, 15:00 Reply

    I love the AWESOME Nexus 7!

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