December 22, 2014

ANDROIDGUYS GIVEAWAY! Win a Nexus 7, HTC One X, and Transformer Pad!


UPDATE: Winners have been announced – Congrats to all three!  Thank you to everyone who participated, we’ve got plenty of good stuff coming soon!

It’s back-to-school season and we could think of no better excuse to put together our latest, and best, giveaway.  We’ve got a trio of wonderful goodies for you guys and gals, thanks to our most gracious friends at NVIDIA.  As you likely saw from the headline, we have an HTC One X (unlocked), a Nexus 7, and an Asus Transformer Pad (with dock) to give out.  Yep – each and every one of these bad boys is cutting-edge stuff powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

We’re big fans of NVIDIA here at AndroidGuys and have really come to appreciate the performance that comes with their mobile processors.  If you’ve ever experienced a game optimized for the Tegra 3 then you know why we love them so much.  Haven’t tried anything yet?  Get to the TegraZone right now and download a few, we’ll wait.  If we could recommend a few to start, check out Riptide GP, Backbreaker THD, and SHADOWGUN. That is, of course, provided you love stuff like particle effects, real-life physics, and gorgeous lighting effect.


There are three ways to win one of these devices

  1. Log in below and leave a comment.  Say what ya want, but we’d love to hear what device you have your eyes on.  Duplicate entries will be omitted and tossed out so don’t bother gaming us.
  2. Follow AndroidGuys on Facebook and “Like” this post.  We can’t tell you what to do, but we’d appreciate if you shared it as well.
  3. Follow AndroidGuys on Twitter and tweet “I wanna win a Tegra 3 device from @androidguys and @nvidiategra #AGTegra3“.  Tweet as often as you’d like, we won’t hold that one against ya.

We will randomly draw a winner from each of those three options on September 1, 2012.  If you do not respond within 48 hours of notification then we will have to move on to the next person.

Small, and unavoidable, stuff we have to disclose: Contest is open to U.S. residents only. One winner will receive one (1) brand new Google Nexus 7 ($200 value), one winner will receive a brand new HTC One X ($500 value), and one will receive a brand new Asus Transformer Pad and Mobile Dock ($550 value). These are promotional giveaways and neither AndroidGuys nor NVIDIA are responsible for warranties, customer service, or repairs.  Each device comes with its own manufacturer warranty.

Reminder – entries can be submitted until August 31, 2012 at 11:59PM EST


  • Sean Ringrose

    I actually have a Google Nexus 7 already, and am in love with it. I’d love a Transformer, though, for work purposes. The HTC One X would be nice, too, simply because I could use a phone for personal use (my company pays for a business phone). Great giveaway, though! Keep it up!

  • AwesomeSauce

    I want to test out the tegra3 processor!! Gimme a Transformer please

  • Joseph Damon Powers

    Man it would be really nice to replace my HTC Sensation 4g with a HTC One X. The HTC one X is such a sexy phone!

  • David M. Myton

    Love the N7

  • Susan Young Finney

    Terrific giveaway idea! I work in retail which sells all of these but do you think I can afford one? Ha! Would love the Nexus 7 tablet!

  • Ph4nthomWraith

    The Nexus 7 is nice.

  • Fugu

    I own two N7s in the family at the moment but I love HTC hardware ever since I got my N1, but since Samsung has been making all the Nexus phones since then I haven’t had one since. I’d love to have a One X with CM10 on it

  • Jon Albany

    Love my nexus 7. Could really appreciate having an unlocked HTC One X.

  • Erick Polanco

    I’d love to have any of the three devices, but one of the tablets would be awesome to have for my studies

  • Mike Johnstone

    Would love any of these sweet sweet prizes!

  • AwesomeSauce

    I would love to test out the Tegra 3 processor !!

  • braz

    Been looking at the Nexus 7 for a while, and the Transformer would be sweet.

    Either would be fantastic as early birthday presents!

  • Matt

    I’d take any of them!

  • seven2k

    HTC ONE X looks awesome

  • Dave

    I’ve wanted a tablet for a while now; I’d be happy with either the N7 or the Transformer.

  • kbiel

    I would enjoy owning any one of those.

    In descending order of want:
    1. Asus Transformer Pad
    2. Nexus 7
    3. HTC One X

  • blazingwolf

    I would really like to pick up a nexus 7.

  • Austin Hyde

    Asus Transformer

  • Gabe Covert

    I refuse to leave a comment to enter this contest for a Nexus 7 I’d love to have.

  • S Allen

    Please send the Asus Transformer Pad and dock my way!

  • Andrew

    The Transformer Pad would be sweet!

  • chants92

    need a Nexus 7

  • Richie Sullivan

    The Asus Transformer Pad has my name on it.

  • BIGJER99

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!

  • Matt Cooley

    I would love one of those Transformers!

  • Eric Garcia

    Please give me the Transformer pad and dock!!
    Pretty please!!!!!

  • Meisam S

    HTC One X please

  • James McGregor

    would love a Transformer pad and dock

  • Thomas McCarty

    A Nexus 7 or Transformer Pad would be great, thanks!

  • KevinToledo

    Nexus 7 looks so pretty. That would be so cool to have!

  • jameshanna

    Transformer Pad!

  • Michael Reiser

    Either tablet works for me!

  • BHidd

    I’ll take the transformer pad and dock. Thanks!

  • Roger O’Dell

    I would like anyone of them, so I can develop apps.

  • Tim Shupp

    Would love a new Transformer to replace my old one.

  • Shane Schaefer

    Either tablet would be amazing

  • Ben Martin

    I’d love a Nexus 7.

  • ynksrule93

    i’d love to win any of these devices

  • AndyH_STi

    I’d love any of these devices, but I really have my eye on the Nexus 7 tablet!

  • Zooks64

    I’m a huge fan of Android and Tegra 3. Hook me up with the Nexus 7 or, heck, any of those devices ;)

  • Michael S

    I’ve been trying to justify a nexus 7… it would be awesome if I didn’t have to!

  • Jordan Arscott

    I wanna win a Tegra 3 device from androidguys and nvidiategra!

  • Jeff Metzger

    I’ll take whatever android device you got :)

  • Todd Van Laningham

    I’d love the Tramsformer Pad :)

  • Nick Jovita

    I would personally love to have the Nexus 7, but I would take any item to be honest. I would like to make custom ROMS for the Nexus 7 and see what else I can do to better it.

  • bkt

    any one will do. thanks!

  • Travis O

    I’ve been looking at the Transformer tablets for a while now; I just haven’t pulled the trigger.

  • Ryan Roehrich

    Can’t wait for the Nexus 10

  • MrGalione973

    I am but a nimble googler, and a nexus 7 sounds nice!

  • remy7

    TransformerPad would be nice