POLL: Do you auto-update apps?

POLL: Do you auto-update apps?

Do you have your Android device set to automatically download and install app updates as they are made available?  Why so?  Can’t be bothered with a little button tapping every few days?  Maybe you like to read change logs and see what’s new before proceeding… Whatever the case, we want to know about you!

You know the drill – cast your ballot in the poll below and then head to the comments to discuss your answer.  Why did you vote the way you did?

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  1. Eric Garcia
    August 14, 14:15 Reply

    I like to update them manually, so that I can look at the “Whats New” sections and see what they are changing…but I’m constantly looking to see if there are updates available. I usually find them before I get a notification.

  2. Scotty Holm
    August 14, 14:50 Reply

    I don’t use auto-update because I found that sometimes I’d be out away from home and my phone would start to auto-update several very large apps. On more than one occasion, that had really hurt my battery (maybe I was in a weak signal area when it was downloading?)

    I’ve found that since I went to manual updates only, my battery seems to last longer.

  3. nmw407
    August 14, 14:52 Reply

    Depends on the app. There are plenty of apps that I just let auto-update especially if they’re ones that I trust. Games are ones that I update manually, to make sure the permissions didn’t change. Aldiko is one that I’ve kept not updated because the newest update sucked.

    • CopierITGuy
      August 15, 08:34 Reply

      With permission changes, you are forced to do a manual update anyway. FYI. They need your “permission” to change their permissions.

  4. raitchison
    August 14, 16:54 Reply

    Never ever (the only one I’d even consider it for would be Titanium Backup).

    Too many times I’ve seen app updates introduce bugs (or undesirable new behavior) and in the case where a free app publisher introduces a paid “premium” app features get stripped out of (or ads introduced to) the free version.

    I always make sure I have a good backup of an app and check the comments in the play store before updating manually.

    Perfect example, I’m still running a version of the Foursquare app from 2011, for the first couple of months of 2012 the new versions introduced a bug where the app thought you were really far away from where you were (a big problem for a location based app), they eventually fixed that bug but introduced new behavior to make it much harder to do what people actually do with the app (check-in).

  5. Ben Griffiths
    August 15, 05:59 Reply

    I like to read about any changes… so, no, I never auto-update.

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