April 1, 2015

POLL: Would you consider a prepaid Android smartphone?


The last 24 ours have seen a number of prepaid smartphone announcements from a handful of carriers.  If you are a T-Mobile, Virgin, or Boost Mobile subscriber then you’ll have a new option in the near future.  This got us to wondering – how many of you would consider a prepaid Android smartphone?

We’ve put together a very simple poll and embedded it below.  Tell us whether you’ve thought about buying a no-contract Android handset.

Once you vote, head to the comments and let us know why you picked what you did.  Yes, because the prices are getting lower all the time?  No, because the handset selection isn’t up to your standards?

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  1. Trevor Sullivan

    “Thought about?” I’ve ONLY bought no-contract devices. First a T-Mobile G2, then a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    The typical 99% of sheep in this world, who blindly go along with carrier contracts, rather irritate me.

  2. Ken M

    If you purchase the right android smartphone you will be a very happy person. I purchased 3 for my family and the savings ate incredible. Just be careful about the internal memory on the phone. If it is too low you won’t be able to do much

  3. Leif

    It’s almost the normal user behavior here in Germany. Buy a phone off contract and then get a prepaid card which fits to your usage. Way cheaper and you can switch every day if one carrier gets better or cheaper than the other. That’s pushing competition between carriers.

  4. Liquidrain7

    Already went prepaid… Left Verizon and bought a wonderful GSM (True) Nexus from the Google Play store and got a prepaid Unlimited Everything Sim from T-Mobile for $60/per month and couldn’t be happier. Just wondering why I didn’t do it sooner!

  5. Papa_EZ

    $30 a month monthly 4G for tmobile. Unlimited 4G up to 5G. Unlimited txt. 100 mins talk time. But who talks on the phone now.

    Best deal out there.

  6. Nate

    I’ve always gone the contract route. Would I like to go prepaid and save tons? Sure. But GSM in my area isn’t great, and CDMA (aka Verizon) has 4G LTE which has an excellent signal here. What would I need to know to go prepaid? We’re about a year into our 2yr, but possibilities are an option. Can I buy any Android CDMA phone?

  7. Rolz

    From Canada: I’ve only ever gone prepaid. First the Htc Magic/Google Ion, then the Nexus One. Both cost aboot $600 outright, but since I don’t talk that much, the savings come around in a few years. Plus, there is the freedom of switching carriers the instant I feel like it.


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