POLL & PRIZE: How long do you go before charging your Android?


As people who typically spend our days glued to a PC or near an outlet, we are always keeping our Android handsets and tablet charged up.  Come weekend, though, things are a bit different.  Whereas we usually have near 100% juice come Tuesday dinners, Saturday sees many of us dipping into the red by bed time.

How long do you go,on average, before you plug your smartphone in to add some juice?  Take a moment and let us know in the poll below.  We know not every day is the same, so pick the one that’s most right for you.  Once you’re done, go to the comments and tell us your story.  What phone are you using?  Do you have an extended battery?

Leave a comment and win a Power-Skin!

We’re going to randomly draw a winner from the comments below and reward them with a Power-Skin for their handset.  Why?  Because those are awesome, and because we’re awesome too.  We’ll let this run through Sunday morning and select the winner at 12:00PM EST.  Winner will be contacted and given 48 hours to respond, at which point we’ll move on to the next one.

UPADTE: Congratulations to Brent for winning!  


  1. thank you for entering me into the power skin contest. My friend has one of these on his incredible and it seems to be solid. He had 100% battery life displayed on his phone after about 4 hours of on and off use.

  2. The one and only complaint i have about my Galaxy Nexus is the less than great battery life. Running Stock battery on Nexus with BAMF Paradigm V2.2. I would be grateful to give the Power-Skin a try.

  3. Galaxy Nexus with an Extended Battery running AOKP JB Build 1…The room I work in has 1 bar and no 3g/4g; and barely any WiFi signal. And theres no way I’m putting it in airplane mode. After about 5hours of listening to music I get the alert to plug it in. While I’m home I can go at least 12hours before needing to charge it.

  4. I chose 12+ hours but in reality it’s almost never. I battery swap instead, I have multiple batteries and an external charger, if I’m leaving for the day and my battery is less than 30% I grab a full battery off the charger, if/when my phone battery dies I just swap the full one, when I get home I put the empty one on the charger.

    I usually get >2 days out of a full battery using this method.

    I have a Galaxy S3

  5. When I can’t just leave it on charge at my desk I go about 8-10 hours before I have to recharge it. I try to not let it get below 30% though in case something unexpected comes up.

  6. Generally every 6-8 because I stream my Google Music in the car on the way home from work so I charge while doing that since my commute home some days can really suck.

    On the weekends it’s roughly 12+ hours based on my usage.
    VZW GNex – BAMF Paradigm v2.2

  7. My Galaxy Nexus (no extended battery) will generally last about a full 24 hours. I generally plug it in daily while I’m at my desk, so it’s still in arms-reach while it’s charging. (Nothing worse than not hearing your phone ring because it’s plugged in at the other end of the house!)

  8. I recharge when get into bed 😉 average of almost 3 hours screen on time, syncing, autobrightness and wifi on. HTC One X, custom rom ARHD with No Sense

  9. I’m using a Xperia X8 which runs really about 3 hours of nonstop using, medium brightness. But if it’s in sleep, it takes about 10 hours to discharge.

  10. Any device I use, I go 4-6 hours unless sitting idle. Just happens that way…….

    Currently using a G-Nex right now. GSM variety.

  11. Droid Bionic. I am always around a USB cable or outlet so I just plug it in as a habit. Once done with work I leave it off charger until bedtime. Weekends when I have the chance I plug it in.

  12. I’m typically always close to a charger so I’m not to concerned…But I sure would like it to last a lot longer, like 12+ hours

  13. I use a T-Mobile S2 with no extended battery. I usually make it about 6 hours before I need to start thinking about charging. I wish I could make it to bedtime each day and maybe this extender would get me there!

  14. With the Razr Maxx I sometimes go 24+ hours, lots of email and Google reader, automated Dropsync and TB, 2-3 hrs streaming music, and Foursquare. I wish I had gotten the kind of battery life others are reporting on their Nexus.

  15. Galaxy Nexus, stock battery on T-Mobile. ~17 hours. Rarely plug it in during the day so I normally only charge when sleeping. It happens that it dies before bedtime (after maybe 15 hours) but only when I’ve been using it excessively with battery draining tasks.

  16. I’ll say an average of 12 hours. Unplug around 7 am, and depending on usage I’ll charge again between 5 pm and whenever I go to sleep.

  17. I can normally get about 8-12 hours before having to recharge. However, I usually have it plugged in at my desk when working.

    VZW GNex – Vicious-Toro V1-JellyBean 4.1.1

  18. My Verizon Galaxy Nexus running Cyanogenmod 10 Nightly’s charges at my desk most of the day, then when I go home is left off the charger until I go to bed and usually I never get below 50%. If I’m not at my desk most of the day, it’s about 10% when I plug it in before bed.

  19. My DROID Razr is ready for a recharge by the time I get home from work, it’s usually below 25% by then. Thinking I should have gone with the Maxx, who knew 4G would drain a battery so fast.

  20. I have 4 or 5 power cords … one by my bed, one by the couch, one in the car, one at my desk … My battery has degraded significantly and I can’t go more than a few hours without flirting with 0%.

  21. I have a spare standard battery for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) and I usually swap it out around lunch time and dinner time. (The battery rarely drops below 50% with this pattern during the week.)

  22. With my EVO LTE, I usually don’t have to charge it after 12+ hours. In fact, I have made it 24+ hours without charging before. However, I would still love to have the power skin for my phone and my wife’s original EVO. Which does not even make it 12 hours without needing a charge.

  23. My GNex is the Usain Bolt of battery draining phones. I make sure to take a car and/or wall charger wherever I go. Seriously thinking about getting an extra battery and external charger. Unless I had a Power-Skin…

  24. With my GSM Galaxy Nexus running basic rooted Jelly Bean, I unplug when I wake up at 7am, then plug it back in when I go to bed around 9-11pm. I’m usually around 65%, on a normal day. I have gotten as low as 15% when I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms playing games in a day, but that’s still pretty good for 14+ hours.

  25. I unplug around 7:00am. I am usually plugging in at 11:00 for a quick charge before lunch and then again at 4:00 for a bump to make the commute home. I am using a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I carry two batteries with me. An extended and a standard. I live in the DC metro area so I have pretty strong 4G signal.

  26. I can go about 12h on a charge, but as soon as I’m in front of my work computer, I plugin for pretty much all day until it’s time to go to a meeting or the commute. A few times I forgot to charge and ended up with a paper weight in pocket for my ride home!

  27. I have a Droid Bionic with an OEM extended battery. I take my phone off the charger at 6 AM and put it back down around 10-11 PM without charging on a typical day and have about 40% left. I consider it light use (emails and a few texts). A bad day (on the phone a lot) can drain the battery around 7 PM, but the stock battery wouldn’t last until lunch on a bad day.

  28. I have a VZW GNex – probably 6-8 depending on how heavily I use nav on the way into work, and which battery I have in at the time ( one of them just seems to last longer despite being the same )

  29. I’d say about 8 hours on my Skyrocket but it depends on the standard variables….How many texts from the wife that day…How many phone calls from your boss….and how much time you sneak away from work to grab some game time. Most times i’ll end the night at about 2% which I’d say is perfect…though i do have an aging Galaxy Tab I try to use but the skyrocket is so much better 😀

  30. I’m sort of old school, you know, where you must let your phone use up the battery and shuts off and THEN plug it in. Is a left-over from the ni-cad battery days. I bought a 2nd battery thinking that would keep me juiced. Well, I was too cheap to buy a battery charger so I still have to charge the spent battery using my phone. The extra battery mostly is there for emergencies when I can’t plug in and reality don’t want to quit whatever I’m doing on my phone. Even then I have to shut down to swap out the batteries. So now I’ve changed . . . a yellow bar and I’m plugging in. If I shorten the battery’s charge life, I no longer care. I prefer to be juiced – and – I’m finally eligible for a new phone, which comes with a new battery of course :)!

  31. My Atrix would last a whole day without charging. Now that I moved on to the One X, I’m getting about 12 hours of medium/heavy use.

  32. Forgot to mention my phone is an HTC Android Incredible (ADR6300) running gingerbread. Not sure what phone I’ll pick next week. I may wait for the fall offerings of newest phones.

  33. i typically don’t charge mine until it has the “!” in the battery (on my S3) ,
    or if its night time , & its low yellow ill plug it in so im 100% in the morning

  34. Not sure what’s happening. My post (and follow up) were there and now don’t appear. Now that I’ve logged in . . . HTC DINC, 6-8 hrs. New phone on the horizon = new battery so I’m smiling.

  35. I think I have purchased so many micro-HDMI chargers…..I have one in about every room. Hence, I seldom go more than 4-6 hours without charging my phone (Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3). I am really liking this phone! Thanks!

  36. I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus, and I’m using the stock battery. While I do average around 17 hours before I have to charge, it’d be nice if I could go longer.

  37. I use an HTC Incredible 2 with MIUI and an OEM extended battery and I can get 3 days on one charge with light use and 2 full days with heavy use

  38. I have a Droid Razr and average between 10 – 12 hours. However I don’t like to let my battery drop below 50% so I’m typically charging every 5 – 6 hours. Really wish I had the MAXX.

  39. HTC Sensation. I use it for business so I am literally on it all the time. It is my GPS, contacts, appointments, inventory, and way to communicate while I have to sit and wait. I can’t use bluetooth because adding another task onto this would kill it. I am in the red now so gotta go charge

  40. Nexus one running now on 29th hour with battery indicator showing 65% left. I mainly use my device for calls and text and little web browsing. I probably get about 60-70h average with my phone.

  41. Samsung Galaxy,love it but charging all the time.Its the battery that came with it.atoday is the first I have heard of powJudy Bolener skins would love to win!

  42. I have a Verizon nexus with an extended battery (oem). I tend to connect it to a charger whenever I can. Since I have a N7,now I’m doing a lot better since I can split the usage between the two.

  43. SAMSUNG GALAXY love my phonr but charging all the time.Today is the first i have heard of power skins, would love to win!

  44. every 2 or 3 days using ang LG Optimus 2x.
    There’s always WiFi around and often I’m on a computer so 3G isn’t always on.
    up to 5 or 7 days on a Lenovo P700

  45. On average about 10 to 12 hours I reckon as I use my phone (Samsung Galaxy W AKA GT i8150 AKA Ancora) pretty regularly throughout the day, plus I test custom ROM’s quite frequently too.

    I’ll have a PowerSkin, plox! 😉

  46. Seeing the results, I’m shocked. On my Galaxy SII, I’m in the red by the afternoon. I’m getting pretty crappy battery life. Fortunately, I have a charger most places, but it can be a pain at times!

  47. GSM Galaxy Nexus, always make it though an entire day even with heavyish usage. The longest I have gone was over 2 full days and still had 36% left, but that was very light usuage, only a few texts, calls, and light web surfing.

  48. I have an HTC Thunderbolt so I am always near an outlet. On the weekends I can usually squeeze 7 hrs away from a plug with light use.

  49. I have a desire s and with normal usage i get around 12 hours of battery on weekdays and that after keeping mobile data and wifi off all day. Been using a battery saving app which is a slight help but nothing big. I keep on checking the battery stats to see whats been using up the battery. It would be nice if the battery lasted a little longer without all this

  50. I have a Droid Bionic. Charge holds during the work day with the standard battery, and into the evening with the extended battery.

  51. I brought my HTC One back to T-Mobile because the battery ran down in 4-5 hours. They said all the newer Androids bleed the battery – can’t be helped (tough when you can’t swap batteries). Went online and bought my Galaxy Nexus, couldn’t be worse. ACTUALLY, it rocks – Plug in overnight and it’s good voice text and data all day. I get 18 hours of performance on 6 hours of charge.

  52. I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus using the extended battery. I can usually get through until 7-8pm before having to plug in…unless I use the phone heavily. I’d like to get through the day (from the time I get up until I go to bed) without having to worry about battery life….regardless of how I use it throughout the day.

  53. I got a iPhone and seems like I always have to find someway to charge it.. This thing would be the answer to all
    My problems!!

  54. I usually plug in by mid afternoon to make it thru the evening. Although, unless I’m heavily searching, I probably wouldn’t have to.

  55. I am using Sony Ericsson live with walkman. I charge my phone once a day before going to college. I don’t use extended battery because I think that once fully charge is well enough for me to enjoy my day…

  56. Have a HTC One S.. use for work and listen to music. I go through the battery fast and sometimes can’t get to my charger. The power skin does sound nice.

  57. I usually have to charge my phone 3 or 4 times during the whol day cause I use it for everything as my computer is currently broken. This prise would be great I’m using the htc g2

  58. I figured the poll would go to 48 hours. I use my Gnex heavily and charge once a day at worst. I go as much as two days at times. What do people do to their phone to only go 12 hours on a charge?

  59. I have a Samsung galaxy S3 with stock battery. I can usually make 16-17 hours before charging. Sometimes a little less but most of the time I only charge when I sleep.

  60. My Galaxy Note lasts a full day (5:30am to 11pm) about 90% of the time. The only exceptions are when my kid plays a ton of games or NetFlix videos on it while we are waiting for something.

  61. Got an Samsung gal s3 an only charge it at night.Work for local Gov. and use it daily.love not having to worry about chg.

  62. Congratulations, Brent! You’ve won the Power-Skin prize – please email Scott @ AndroidGuys.com for instructions on how to claim!