December 19, 2014

POLL & PRIZE: How long do you go before charging your Android?


As people who typically spend our days glued to a PC or near an outlet, we are always keeping our Android handsets and tablet charged up.  Come weekend, though, things are a bit different.  Whereas we usually have near 100% juice come Tuesday dinners, Saturday sees many of us dipping into the red by bed time.

How long do you go,on average, before you plug your smartphone in to add some juice?  Take a moment and let us know in the poll below.  We know not every day is the same, so pick the one that’s most right for you.  Once you’re done, go to the comments and tell us your story.  What phone are you using?  Do you have an extended battery?

Leave a comment and win a Power-Skin!

We’re going to randomly draw a winner from the comments below and reward them with a Power-Skin for their handset.  Why?  Because those are awesome, and because we’re awesome too.  We’ll let this run through Sunday morning and select the winner at 12:00PM EST.  Winner will be contacted and given 48 hours to respond, at which point we’ll move on to the next one.

UPADTE: Congratulations to Brent for winning!  

  • James Cook

    Droid Razor Maxx with its smart actions that turn off 4G when I’m near a wifi is best I’ve seen.

  • Dennis W. Derton

    my phone is a little over 2 years and on the original batt, so i really cant complain too much :)

  • sherri

    i have a samsung galaxy ace now and it has a low internal memory…. My battery couldnt even last for a day.

  • Israel Fulton

    T-Mobile galaxy s2 with cm9 lasts me all day. I just plug it in while I sleep.

  • Saurabh Arora

    I am using Sony Ericsson live with walkman. I charge my phone once a day before going to college. I don’t use extended battery because I think that once fully charge is well enough for me to enjoy my day…

  • bdfull3r

    :I don’t think they make thosefor the Optimus V or Optimus Sider

  • Mark Romney

    12 hours heavy use on GSM GN -20 light to moderate use

  • Matthew Smith

    Since I started using Juice Defender I can make it almost a whole day without a charge. Without it I’m flat in about half a day.

  • Kumar

    I’m using Samsung Galaxy Duos. I usually charge my phone once in a day…

  • Stephen McClendon

    I have to constantly charge my galaxy nexus. I use it too much to be without power. I am using a stock battery.

  • Feuze

    Have a HTC One S.. use for work and listen to music. I go through the battery fast and sometimes can’t get to my charger. The power skin does sound nice.

  • Bryan Harvey

    I have the verizon galaxy nexus on a stock battery. because of extreme bordom at work i typically burn through the battery pretty fast.

  • MR

    I have Droid Razr. Usually need to charge when I get home from work, 8-12 hrs. I would like more battery, but feel this is adequate.

  • inspector1999

    This would be a good win!

  • Timothy Elliott

    Not particularly happy with my battery life right now.

  • skeeterflea

    I charge every chance I get. You never know when you will be without.

  • Kenneth Mack

    I have a HTC Evo 3D from Sprint and I charge my phone on average every 4 hrs during the weekday because I use my phone the most during this time. Very annoying when I forget.

  • Anthony Lavergne

    HTC One X – 8-10 Hours

  • nate

    I usually have to charge my phone 3 or 4 times during the whol day cause I use it for everything as my computer is currently broken. This prise would be great I’m using the htc g2

  • Wreck

    I figured the poll would go to 48 hours. I use my Gnex heavily and charge once a day at worst. I go as much as two days at times. What do people do to their phone to only go 12 hours on a charge?

  • Justin

    I have a Samsung galaxy S3 with stock battery. I can usually make 16-17 hours before charging. Sometimes a little less but most of the time I only charge when I sleep.

  • Sarah House

    I have a Tmobile galaxy s2 that I charge only at night with no extended battery

  • GNoteGuy

    My Galaxy Note lasts a full day (5:30am to 11pm) about 90% of the time. The only exceptions are when my kid plays a ton of games or NetFlix videos on it while we are waiting for something.

  • Opa John

    Got an Samsung gal s3 an only charge it at night.Work for local Gov. and use it not having to worry about chg.

  • Scott Webster

    Congratulations, Brent! You’ve won the Power-Skin prize – please email Scott @ for instructions on how to claim!