T-Mobile Galaxy Note reaching end of life already?

UPDATE: We received an official statement from T-Mobile’s PR team on the subject, who advise the following:

The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently out of stock online via www.T-Mobile.com however the device is still available for purchase at select T-Mobile retail stores.

After all the waiting that we went through, all the rumors, and the eventual announcement by T-Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Note may be exiting stage right very quickly from the fourth largest carrier. Our friends over at AndroidPolice have gotten a tip from a “reliable industry source,” claiming that the T-Mobile Galaxy Note won’t be available for much longer. There’s no concrete proof of this, so it might just be speculation. But, it would fall in line with the device disappearing from T-Mo’s website just yesterday.

The rumored EOL (end of life) date is November 1st, although the anonymous source warns that this may be changed at a later date, depending on T-Mobile‘s inventory of the device. We’re hoping that this is just something the rumormill has cranked out, but it would (unfortunately) make sense, as Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA in Berlin later this month.

While it was a big deal to some, at a year old, the original Note isn’t exactly a brand new device. Normally this might not play such a big role, but with its successor’s announcement just weeks away, it looks like Magenta lovers might not be able to pick up a Galaxy Note for much longer.

So if the rumors are true, are you surprised? Is anyone else hoping that T-Mobile gets the Note 2 soon after its release? Sound off in the comments!