iLuv MobiAir review

iLuv MobiAir review

We’re undoubtedly swimming in accessories these days and as an Android user, the options are practically endless. Between Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, wired speakers, and wired headphones, it’s often difficult to know what’s worth your time and what isn’t. When we had  the opportunity to take a look at the MobiAir Blueooth Speaker Dock from iLuv, we were immediately skeptical. I’ve personally got 3 docking stations in the apartment, and it seems like almost EVERY company is turning out a rendition of a speaker-dock to fit in that market-space. Upon use, my trepidation quickly subsided.

First, let’s get to some specs.

  • Dimension (W x H x D): 250mm x 120mm x 50mm
  • Power requirement: AC 100V ~ 240V 60/50 Hz Adapter
  • Built in speaker: 2 inch x 2 EA
  • External firmware software upgrade

The greatest compliment that I can pay this unit is that I am SO angry that it isn’t portable. I WANTED this to be my end-all solution. I WANTED this to replace all of my other docks. The audio quality is fantastic. The volume has reached as loud as I can comfortably push it without offending neighbors. The fact that this unit CHARGES your device is reason enough to consider it. With a sliding MicroUSB connector and ‘myBot’ robotic arms to hold your Android into place, everything feels “sturdy”. You can dock the unit in portrait or landscape mode which wasn’t a big selling point for me, but in the right environment could be a huge plus.

The quality eclipses many of my other devices, and if this unit was able to be freed from its power cord, this would be the only speaker solution I would need. Retailing at $119.99, I definitely recommend looking into it. With some of the portable Monster and Kicker solutions out there at similar price points, you may find the cost a bit high to be tethered to the wall. However, I’ve seen these on Amazon for well under $100, which makes it a fantastic buy. You can find more at iLuv’s official site.

What do you think?

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