More details released for HTC Desire X

More details released for HTC Desire X

The info we had concerning the HTC Desire X  looks correct according to the new spec sheet. Now we have a few more details, including pictures of the box, spec sheet, and comparison against the HTC One X. The image below is allegedly the retail packaging for the Desire X

The specs include:

  • Android 4.0.4
  • 4.0″ Super LCD
  • 1 GHz Dual-Core processor
  • 768 MB of RAM
  • 4GB On-Board Storage and 2 years of 25GB on DropBox
  • A 1650 mAH Battery
  • Beats Audio

The Phone is coming to our hands in Blue and White! (Pictured Below)

Compared to the HTC One X, the Desire looks very similar besides the size.

So what do you think about the HTC Desire? Is it the mid-range phone for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Source PocketNow

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  1. Major_Pita
    August 27, 17:16 Reply

    HTC, you gotta be kidding. Another phone with no memory card slot? This time with 4GB of storage? If you would have simply included a memory card slot with your One X series flagship phone it could have gone toe-to-toe with the Galaxy S 3. Forget about DropBox! It is no substitute for on-device storage when virtually every major US carrier has capped data plans.
    HTC, self-inflict wound. Bleed money. Repeat until unable.

    • Sholih Rmd
      August 27, 18:35 Reply

      this phone does have microSD slot. it’s written on the top image.

      • Major_Pita
        August 28, 13:31 Reply

        OOPs, my bad – glanced at the top page, saw the Hangeu characters and thought the whole page was in Korean. Much relieved to see the SD card slot! Hope HTC continues to use one across all their product offerings, since Samsung has made a point of doing so(with the exception of Nexus devices). The market needs HTC as a strong competitor with Samsung, and so do consumers.

  2. Sholih Rmd
    August 27, 18:36 Reply

    well guys actally this has a microSD slot, read on the top image. I’m getting sick reading stupid comment

    • Major_Pita
      August 28, 13:36 Reply

      Admit it Sholih, you’ve were sick long before this comment. Are you still hearing those voices?

  3. servo36
    August 28, 08:52 Reply

    can they please put a keyboard on this? ugh!

  4. UbuntuMan
    August 28, 09:27 Reply

    480×800 resolution!? That’s pretty low. Just another common phone. Too bad for HTC :-(

  5. wheres the TMO G3
    August 28, 13:00 Reply

    HTC used to make awesome built metal phones that looked nothing like the I-crap. They then got jealous of samsung who got started with android by making a cheap plastic knock off of the I-phone. When they started trying to copy samsung’s one phone strategy, HTC went down the tubes. It is very sad. I hope they re-pivot and become awesome again.

    • Major_Pita
      August 28, 13:42 Reply

      Agreed. If the One X had a replaceable battery and SD card slot it might have beaten the Galaxy S3 despite it’s slightly smaller screen size.

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