IDs, loyalty cards, and third-party passes coming to Google Wallet

IDs, loyalty cards, and third-party passes coming to Google Wallet

Robin Dua, head of project management for Google Wallet, talked about some new features that Google Wallet users might see in the near future. Dua said that he wants Google Wallet users to have the ability to store gift cards, travel itinerary, receipts, tickets and much more. In a nutshell, anything and everything that eliminates the need for a physical wallet.

Personally, I’m still trying to weigh the pros and cons of even using Google Wallet. One major con might pop up in the event that your phone gets stolen, with all your credit cards and financial information at the thief’s disposal. Likewise, what would happen in the event that your Google account gets hacked? Of course, these are just speed bumps on the road to mobile payments

Back to the rumors, Dua didn’t give a specific date for all the new features, but hopefully we will be seeing them soon. At any rate, stay tuned to AndroidGuys for all the latest news on Google Wallet!

So are you excited to hear about the future of Google Wallet? Anyone else still skeptical about Google Wallet in general? Drop a comment below!

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  1. michael interbartolo
    August 28, 20:39 Reply

    I currently use Keyring for the loyalty cards this sounds like it would be that plus credit card storage and more. as long as it is secure and 2 step verification sounds good, but they need to update their wallet implementation to make it independent of the carrier sims or what ever hardware currently allows AT&T and others to block wallet in favor of ISIS.

  2. Anymouse
    August 28, 21:11 Reply

    I tend to forgot my wallet quite often, but I never am without my phone. It has saved me a couple times having Google wallet available.

  3. raitchison
    August 29, 11:00 Reply

    Still waiting to be able to actually use Google Wallet on my Galaxy SIII or my Galaxy Note. I wish Google would just tell the carriers to pack sand and enable the app already.

  4. derk p
    August 29, 19:00 Reply

    i love google wallet and dont feel like it would be less secure. i use two step verification on my google account, pattern lock on my phone, and it has its own pin for wallet and from what they say the info is stored on the cloud and retrieved at the time of purchase. it really feels like i get in and out of the store quicker, esp when im running late in the morning.

  5. Reggie Richardson
    August 29, 22:48 Reply

    If your phone gets stolen, there is no issue…unless its stolen by someone who you really trusted. But then in that case, you’d probably be equally screwed if it was your physical wallet that they stole. A phone thief would need to know your screen unlock code, as well as your Google Wallet PIN. If they decided to wipe the phone, then your phone breaks it’s tie with Google Wallet. With the latest update, Google Wallet is nothing more than Super PayPal, so your financial data never touches the device in the first place. If they were able to log into Google Wallet via computer, they can’t see anything more than the last 4 digits of your card. Overall, it’s safer than your actual wallet. A thief can’t use it, nor can they passively scan it and skim your info like thieves do to cards that have RFID chips in them.

  6. litebrite
    October 28, 19:49 Reply

    Can you use google wallet for your business? Does it take place of a merchant service or can they be used side by side?

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