Photos of new HTC tablet leaked, to be announced at IFA?

Photos of new HTC tablet leaked, to be announced at IFA?

Our friends over at DroidDog just got a tip from a Twitter account, @evleaks, with images of a 10-inch HTC tablet. This isn’t the first mention of an HTC tablet, but these are the first images of such a device.

Based on the leaked photos, all we know is that it looks to be very thin, and packing a 10.1-inch display. But that’s not the most interesting part.

As you can see, the bezel on this tablet isn’t exactly the same width on all sides. It’s actually quite a thin bezel, save for the one side that apparently attaches to what we’re guessing is an HDMI dock of sorts. It’s definitely not something you see everyday, which might mean HTC is trying to separate itself from the other competitors in the tablet market.

HTC might release details on the tablet at IFA later this week, but only time will tell. At any rate, does this come as a surprise to you? Are you glad that HTC is getting back into the tablet market? Drop a comment below!

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  1. craig0r
    August 29, 00:47 Reply

    It looks slick. I really hope this helps to save HTC from their current slide in the market place.

    • Anthony Lavergne
      August 29, 07:14 Reply

      That is what I thought the moment I started looking at the pictures!

  2. DeaVea
    August 29, 08:18 Reply

    I suppose I’d have to use it in action, but that seems it would make an already unwieldy 10″ tablet and even more unwieldy 10″ tablet.

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