March 29, 2015



As many of you know, we just ran a contest over the last few weeks where we gave away three incredibly awesome Tegra 3-powered devices. These quad-core beauties have been sitting in our office just itching to find a new home. Our contest wrapped last night at midnight and we’ve pulled the names from our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Without further ado, these are the folks who will walk away with a brand new NVIDIA-powered behemoth.

We’ve reached out to the various winners separately but will use this opportunity to mention them publicly. What’s more, we want to acknowledge just how fantastic it has been to work with NVIDIA on this promotion.  Guys, gals… seriously, these are killer devices and you should do yourself a favor and check out the Tegra 3-optimized games.  Might we recommend starting with Horn an Granny Smith?

  • TWITTER WINNER: @plum_lovin Donna Leigh
  • FACEBOOK WINNER: David Sorenson
  • WEB COMMENT WINNER: Guillermo Andres London
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