January 31, 2015

Photos of rumored HTC phablet leaked, headed to Verizon?


We’ve been hearing for some time that HTC might be cooking up a Galaxy Note 2 competitor, and now more details are trickling in via some leaked photos. Sadly, we haven’t heard anything in the realm of specs for the device, but the black and red accents could mean that this bad boy is coming to Verizon. This would line up with that leaked Verizon roadmap from a few months back.

The device will also feature Beats Audio, which is always a nice bonus. We’re guessing the screen size is somewhere around the 5- to 6-inch mark, but from the angle of the photos, it’s really not clear. Hopefully we’ll being seeing a lot more of this device in the near future.

So, what do you think about this potential phablet? Are you pumped to see HTC breaking into the smartphone-tablet hybrid market? Drop a comment below!

Source GSMArena


  1. Keri0527

    I would actually rather have an HTC phablet than Samsung if there is a stylus like the HTC tablets. My vzw nexus has not given me a good POV of Samsung. Data signal is not good and the camera on my thunderbolt was so much better.

  2. Tuanoe

    I’m hoping that there is an HTC Phablet. I have not had much success with Samsung devices. Terrible luck.

  3. Logan Moore

    Interesting to note that Verizon has cut the price of the Rezound one hundred dollars and cut the price of most of the Motorola Droid line… Hopefully this phone will be coming to Verizon soon.