HTC hosting September 19 event, expect new Android goodies!

    HTC, in typical fall fashion, is hosting an event later this month where we hope to see new Android devices and/or services.  This year’s gala takes place in New York on September 19, right in the thick of a bunch of mobile get-togethers. First Motorola, then Amazon, then Apple, then Motorola again… and now HTC less than a day later.

    It’s entirely possible that there will be a number of Windows Phone 8 stuff, so we’re going to cross our fingers that we get Android.  Considering the invitation looks to show an Android unlock button, we’re fairly positive we’ll have something.

    There have been a number of recent HTC leaks and rumors that pertain to Android, and any one of them becoming official would suit us just fine.  What with the 5-inch 1080p HD phone, the return to tablets, and the beefier HTC One X, we’re anxious to see what HTC has for us.

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