POLL: Do you bother to listen to voicemail?

Pop quiz, hotshot.  You pick up your phone and see three missed calls and two messages.  What do you do?  If you’re like a growing number of folks, you don’t even bother listening to voicemail any more.

What’s your use case?  Do you need to listen to a message to understand that mom wants you to call?  Is Caller ID enough for you to know who rang while you were watching the season finale of Breaking Bad?

Head below and leave your mark in our very unscientific poll.  Once you’re done, move to the comments and tell us your story.  Is there someone you always listen to?  How about someone you never listen to?

  • Aura Mae

    I read my voicemails via Google Voice. I only listen if the transcription is REALLY bad.

  • Aura Mae

    I read my voicemails via Google Voice. I only listen to the if the transcription is REALLY bad.

    • Same here. Much more efficient this way!

    • Same here. 9 out of 10 times, reading the transcript is all I need.

  • CopierITGuy

    I never listen to voicemails since Google Voice started transcribing them. If Google Voice can’t translate it, I don’t need to hear it!!!

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  • QDOG8

    I only listen to voice mails from people I don’t plan on calling back immediately

  • Greg Bell

    I’m not in the US so I can’t use Google Voice [ =( ] but my carrier has a voice to text transcription service, it sends them as text messages. Before I switched to them I had voicemail disabled.

  • ellett

    I read my v/m as transcribed by Google Voice. Even if GV doesn get the transcription entirely correct, there’s enough to figure out the subject of the message.

  • I currently live in Alabama, and to be honest, GV does not handle Southern accents well, splitting elongated diphthongs into multiple syllables or even words, and various other things (reply if you’re interested in specifics, I’m a linguistics PhD student and will happily discuss). So most of the time, yes, I still listen to them. I can often get the gist from the transcription, but rarely the details.

  • rick

    you have to educate your friends about your voice mail…too many stupid people out there…